Former ACORN employee and whistleblower Anita Moncrief said ACORN is far from dead and is still “colluding” and “working with” the President Barack Obama's Department of Justice. Moncrief appeared with Conservative commentator David Webb in a one-hour special about the “District of Corruption” movie on FOX News’ “Hannity.”

  She specifically discussed how community organizing groups on the left put pressure on institutions like banks to get them to relent to their “equal outcomes” agenda. Moncrief said ACORN would help people report food stamps and other “under-the-table” incomes as income to get subprime mortgages that eventually caused the housing market to collapse. “ACORN’s agenda is Obama’s agenda,” Moncrief said. “It has not gone away.” Go To Site

ACORN branches all over the country disbanded in disgrace in 2010, but have come back under new names. Go To Site

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Agents with the secretary of state and state attorney general offices served a search warrant on the headquarters of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, at 953 E. Sahara Ave. shortly after 9 a.m. They seized voter registration forms and computer databases to determine how many fake forms were submitted and identify employees who were responsible.

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The radical activist group ACORN “works” for the Democratic Party and deliberately promotes election fraud, ACORN employees told FBI investigators, according to an FBI document dump Wednesday. The documents obtained by Judicial Watch, a watchdog group, are FBI investigators’ reports related to the 2007 investigation and arrest of eight St. Louis, Mo., workers from ACORN’s Project Vote affiliate for violation of election laws. All eight employees involved in the scandal later pleaded guilty to voter registration fraud.

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President Barack Obama, former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-OH, and other Democratic candidates received support from the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) in violation of tax and election laws, according to a new congressional report.

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In addition to the hand-written notes, the documents also include copies of the arrest warrants, criminal case cover sheets and court documents. In April 2008, all eight ACORN employees involved in the scandal pled guilty to voter registration fraud. In March 2010, Judicial Watch obtained a separate batch of FBI documents detailing federal investigations into alleged ACORN corruption and voter registration fraud in Connecticut. The FBI and Department of Justice initiated investigations. However, the Obama Justice Department, while noting that ACORN had engaged in “questionable hiring and training practices,” closed down the investigation in March 2009, claiming ACORN broke no laws.

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A judge Wednesday slapped the defunct grass-roots community organizing group ACORN with a maximum $5,000 fine for its role in a voter registration compensation scheme in the 2008 election cycle. District Judge Donald Mosley was confined by statute to fine only the corporation, which pleaded guilty in April to one count of felony compensation for registration of voters. Mosley said that if there were an individual standing before him, and not a corporation, that person would have been given a 10-year prison sentence, "and I wouldn't have thought twice about it."

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The scandal surrounding the left-wing activist organization ACORN has spread to New York, with employees at its Brooklyn office caught on video helping supposed ladies of the night get loans for their dream houses of ill repute. Rather than reminding the women that prostitution is dangerous and illegal and advising them to change their careers, counselors at the social-services group shockingly offer suggestions on how they can launder their earnings.

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In Pennsylvania, after the last election, there were media reports that organizations, such as ACORN, were busing people from New Jersey and New York to vote in Philadelphia. Moreover, a former ACORN staffer pled guilty last year to charges stemming from his involvement in ACORN voter fraud in Pittsburgh. Six fellow ACORN employees were indicted along with him. In 2008, the organization was found to have submitted tens of thousands of fraudulent voter registrations in Philadelphia alone.”

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The ACORN Association Board met on Sunday March 21 and approved a set of steps to responsibly manage the process of bringing its operations to a close over the coming months.