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Dear Arizona: If you don't change your immigration policy, I will have to stop drinking your enjoyable brand of iced tea.

A family-owned Christian bakery, under investigation for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, has been forced to close its doors after a vicious boycott by militant homosexual activists. Sweet Cakes By Melissa posted a message on its Facebook page alerting customers that their Gresham, Ore. retail store would be shut down after months of harassment from pro-gay marriage forces. Go To Site

Media Matters, recall, is an organization that seeks to drive the press leftward by harassing and shaming mainstream reporters as "conservatives" if their reporting doesn't toe the White House party line. They keep blacklists and give out reporters' emails and phone numbers to encourage badgering calls. As for conservative critics, they demand advertiser boycotts and urge firings of conservative commentators. -IBD Go To Site

LGBT activists have started a national campaign to publicly identify and shame small businesses that are not supportive of the gay cause. Called “If You’re Buying,” the organizers and their allies approach small businesses with a request to put a “We don’t discriminate” sticker in the window of their place of business... The implication of not allowing the sticker is that your business does not want gay buyers and that you support discrimination against homosexuals. This sets the business up for boycott, public shaming, and even protest. Go To Site

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MSNBC’s Dean Obeidallah published a column Wednesday urging his readers to pressure their cable companies to offer packages that don’t include MSNBC’s biggest competitor, Fox News. He encouraged them to join him in canceling their cable if the companies do not comply.

  “If you pay for any basic cable package, you are helping fund everything that Fox News airs,” he said. “It’s infuriating that on some level you and I are complicit in the toxic fodder being peddled on Fox News by helping fund its content.”

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Students at Wesleyan University are urging the student government there to defund the campus newspaper, The Wesleyan Argus, after it published an opinion essay written by a writer for the newspaper criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement. Calling the effort a boycott, the organizers also encouraged students to toss out copies of the newspaper that they find on campus.

  The petition also demanded that the newspaper release a monthly report on allocation of funds and its leadership structure, require social justice and diversity training each semester, and devote "open spaces dedicated to marginalized groups/voices" on the front page of the newspaper.

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Liberals have been attacking Sugarfire Smoke House barbecue restaurant ever since GOP presidential hopeful and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker stopped by Sunday to grab a meal and shake a few hands. It got so bad that the owner, Mike Johnson, had to track down the people calling for the boycott as well as take to the radio to announce he’s apolitical — he didn’t even know who Scott Walker was until he got the blowback.

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This week, the Internet grew stormy over the news that cloud storage company Dropbox is putting former-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on its Board of Directors. The most intense backlash came in the form of a “Drop Dropbox” website.

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"Dear Arizona: If you don't change your immigration policy, I will have to stop drinking your enjoyable brand of iced tea," one person wrote on Twitter, according to the Daily News; another called Arizona Iced Tea "the drink of fascists." There is (at least) one problem with all that, however: Arizona Iced Tea is based in New York.