Every year, across the country, colleges and universities set aside something they call “Sex Week”, where they bring in sex toy dealers, libido experts, and experienced porn stars to lectures (and, the faculty hopes, after parties!) and events discussing all things sexual. Often it’s a way for liberal tenured academics to try and troll campus conservatives.

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Stories about “Sex Week” on college campuses have become a staple of Campus Reform's coverage of liberal bias in higher education.

  In February, Campus Reform covered Ohio State University’s Valentine’s Day-themed version of the event, where students attended "OnlyFans: Behind the Scenes," an informational session on how to become a student sex worker.

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“Learn the facts about this exciting yet often misunderstood form of pleasure, find out the common mistakes people make, and get all your questions answered.” -Harvard Sex Week Go To Site

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Harvard University students are once again hosting Sex Week activities after taking last year off due to the COVID pandemic. Among the slate of workshops scheduled for the weeklong, student-organized event is “Hit Me Baby One More Time,” billed as an “Intro to BDSM.”...

  Another workshop is called “What What in the Butt: Anal 101.” Harvard students have made a habit of offering anal sex tutorials during previous Sex Weeks, as The College Fix has previously reported.

  Other topics to be tackled this year include porn, talking dirty in bed, fetishes and “Orgies 101.”

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The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, sponsored by Planned Parenthood and UW-La Crosse’s Department of Psychology, will be hosting a “Sexual Health Week” Thursday night, complete with a discussion of “clitoral masturbation.”

  According to a schedule of events, the week includes an event called “Teach-In: Clitoral Masturbation and Free Vibrator Giveaway,” where students can “engage in a conversation about clitoral masturbation, dealing with stigma, and empowerment. First 40 attendees will receive a free vibrator,” according to the event announcement.

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The University of North Carolina, Charlotte will soon host its first-ever Sex Week, featuring events such as “f*ck like your life depends on it” and another with “cookies and condoms.”

  The weeklong series of events, taking place from February 18-23, will be sponsored by several university departments, including the Title IX office, the Student Government Association, and the Multicultural Resource Center. In addition, several outside organizations, including Planned Parenthood, are also listed as “partners or sponsors.”

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Yale University has come a long way from its founding by colonial clergymen in the 1640s. March 2013 was ushered in with “Sex Weekend,” featuring workshops and discussions, including one on “sexual fantasies about family members.”

   “At Saturday’s workshop [on Mar. 2], multiple student-submitted discussions topics were about sexual fantasies involving family members,” reported a March 4 article in the student newspaper, the Yale Daily News. “When students shared their thoughts on incest, three responses were related to fantasies about fathers.”

“We should be teaching these children what is important to learn so they can get jobs,” state Sen. Stacey Campfield told Fox News. “I don’t know what jobs they plan on getting if they’re having seminars on oral sex and bondage. I don’t see how that will help someone in their professional career – unless they plan on becoming a porn star.” Go To Site

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Sex Week is scheduled to get underway Monday at the U of U, and it will include a panel discussion about sexy communication, a film screening and a drawing for a year’s supply of birth control. Natalie Green, President of Students for Choice, said, “We promote education and awareness.”... “We’re adults,” she said. “We need to be informed. We need to be smart about our decisions, and a lot of the time you don’t get that in high school.

Black Students Only, Complimentary Sex Toy...

Tulane's Sex Week also featured an event titled Let’s Talk About Black Sex, Baby!, billed as an “interactive panel of students and staff discussing the unique experiences Black femme-identifying and non-binary people face on campus.” The twenty people selected to attend the event received a free dinner and complimentary sex toy.

And, Tulane said, it is for “Black students only.”

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Harvard University’s annual Sex Week observance, which launched Sunday, includes a workshop called “What What in the Butt: Anal Sex 101″ that aims to teach the Ivy League students how to have anal sex. So-called sex experts from a local adult store will lead the Tuesday talk, which seeks to “dispel myths about anal sex and give you insight into why people do it and how to do it well,” the Fall 2014 Harvard Sex Week agenda states.

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Sex Week at the University of New Mexico is not supposed to be all fun and games. It’s part of a “larger strategy to reduce sexual violence on campus,” school officials insist, but some students say this is not a good way to get the message across.

 The event features “workshops” with deliberately provocative titles, such as, “How to be a Gentleman AND Get Laid,” “Negotiating Successful Threesome,” “O-Face Oral” and “BJs and Beyond,” according to a flier distributed on campus. A Sex Week Twitter account announces an oral sex workshop by someone “with a penis” and how to have sex with someone who is infected with the Herpes virus.

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“Sex, Health, and AIDS” is a three-credit undergraduate course which “sets out to explore this social and disease phenomenon from a number of perspectives,” according to the description on the official course listing website. The events were part of the school’s SexTalk Week Resource Fair, which the school hosted on Wednesday, according to a Facebook event. “Special appearance by ‘Mr. Condom,’ the giant walking condom, will occur throughout the fair,” the event states.

On Monday, Brown also hosted a “Fornication 101” seminar as part of their sex week, which included topics such as “putting condoms on with your mouth,” “petting kitties,” and “anal adventures.” Go To Site

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Students can experience what it feels like to be sexually flogged and electrocuted during an upcoming Sex Week activity at the University of Chicago. The workshop, dubbed “Taste of Kink” and scheduled for Feb. 15, will “explore … the exchanges and sensations that can be generated by floggers, rope, electricity and more,” the university’s Sex Week agenda states.

"Sex Week: Dummy Objects"...

"Stations will be set up for you to explore condom use, from learning their history to putting them on dummy objects."

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On Monday, students can attend the “Talking Dirty, Etc.” event, described on the agenda as a “how-to on dirty talking, roleplay and fantasy.” That event is immediately followed by an activity called “The Art of Going Down: Great Oral Sex,” during which students are expected to learn “techniques for better oral sex.” For Valentine’s Day, the agenda includes an event called “Temple of Cum and Other Queer Blasphemies,” a presentation slated to “explore mashups of spirituality and sexuality, including Pagan sex magic … and the Man2Man Alliance.

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University of Tennessee (UT), a public school, has announced the schedule for its second annual Sex Week, complete with lectures on orgasms as a political act and masturbation. One event, “Get Wet: Exploring the Connections Between Sexual Pleasure, Health, & Advocacy” will ask students “When is an orgasm a political act? When is lube a tool of the revolution?”

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On Monday, Planned Parenthood taught students “Getting Good at Getting It On!” On Tuesday, workshops included “How Society Dictates Your Sex Life” and “The Sex Life of Food.” Wednesday’s docket offered “Queering Safer Sex” as well as “Latex, Toys, and Bonking – a sex education program affirming all gender identities and sexual orientations.” But apparently, administrators at the New York-based community college drew the line at the gay porn star slated to host a little Q&A with the kids – at least when it came to hosting the event on campus. So the talk was moved to the local library... In response, LGBTQ students complained their rights were violated.

For parents paying tens of thousands of dollars per year in tuition: at Harvard Sex Week, your student will learn all about a specific sex act: explicit details, and how it really feels. Now your son or daughter can know exactly how *you* must really feel. All the Best, Randy Breitbart of progressivedisorder.com Go To Site

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University of Pennsylvania has become the latest Ivy League school to offer “Sex Week” to its students, and its inaugural foray boasted workshops with a porn peddler, exotica writer, vibrator aficionado, orgasm expert, and masturbation tutorial, among other events. UPenn’s debut Sex Week, a five-day event hosted last week, offered lectures and activities during which students learned “The Ins and Outs of Masturbation,” spun “The Sexual Wheel of Pleasure,” partook in a “Kinky Smorgasbord” of sex toys, got tips on writing sex scenes, and was introduced to crowd-sourced amateur pornography. “It’s a wonderful way to share sex in a more intellectual way,” 20-year-old junior Arielle Pardes, founder and co-chair of Sex Week at UPenn, said in a telephone interview with The College Fix.

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Saying some of the activities planned as part of the University of Tennessee’s “Sex Week” are not an appropriate use of state tax dollars, campus leaders late Wednesday yanked their financial support for the upcoming series. “We support the process and the students involved, but we should not use state funds in this manner,” said Chancellor Jimmy Cheek about Sex Week, which is set to include a lesbian bondage expert and other events with titles such as “Loud and Queer” and “How Many Licks Does It Take.” Festivities on the docket include a drag show, campus condom scavenger hunt, sexual poetry tutorial, transgender sexuality lecture, oral sex seminar, sex-themed trivia game, and a lunch hosted by Planned Parenthood called “Sex Ed That Just Can’t Wait.”

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"There's no right or wrong when it comes to sex and dating."

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Grandma may be proud that you’re going to Harvard Law…you just might not want to tell her that while paying $47,600 a year for tuition, you are also spending time at the “Sex-Positivity and Slut-Pride” workshops. Harvard University kicks off Sex Week this Monday, coordinated by the student-run organization Sexual Health Education & Advocacy throughout Harvard College (SHEATH).

Sexologist Jill McDevitt held a light blue bottle in her hands, twirling it between her fingers for her audience to see. The over 200 students who had gathered for her workshop on “The Female Orgasm and All Things Penis” started laughing. On the bottle’s label were the words: “Female Arousal Cream.” Go To Site

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Learn the facts about this exciting yet often misunderstood form of pleasure, find out the common mistakes people make, and get all your questions answered!

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Sex-Positivity and Slut-Pride: Sex Tips for a Modern World from Good Vibrations 12PM, West Milstein A: Join HLSRJ and Good Vibrations for a short discussion of sex-positivity, a demo of lube and some popular sex toys, then Q&A. Free Food! ... Hooking Up on Campus 8PM, Science Center D:Hooking up is happening at Harvard–at least, so it appears from I Saw You Harvard. ... All events are free and open to the public

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Sex Tips for a Modern World from Good Vibrations: Join HLSRJ and Good Vibrations for a short discussion of sex-positivity, a demo of lube and some popular sex toys, then Q&A. Free Food!

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In November, Fox News pundit and Harvard Kennedy School graduate Bill O’Reilly glibly referred to Harvard professors as “pinheaded” while implying that the Harvard community is morally suspect for its acceptance of Harvard College Munch, a group for students who share an interest in kinky sex... We at The Crimson urge anyone who plans on one day scoring political points by maligning Harvard to neither apply, enroll, nor graduate from this fine institution. Thanks for the advice. I'll keep my daughter well away from you people, and vice versa. -Randy Breitbart


Dr. Kalthoff, professor of history at Hillsdale, reminds us that Harvard was founded by Puritans -- those uptight dudes in funny hats and buckle shoes -- shortly after they colonized New England.