Liberals: nah nah nah - can't hear you.

Covering Their Ears

As the men discussed The Journal News’ recent decision to publish the names and addresses of pistol permit holders in two New York Counties, Terrell became so frustrated by Hannity’s questioning that he literally covered his ears and refused to respond.

First, somebody at Twitter has apparently taken the time to identify McCain as an individual, link him to his book, and then suspend the book’s account as well. The implication is that, second, Twitter is attempting to silence McCain, not just the allegedly offending @rsmccain account, and still without any satisfactory explanation for his suspension. Go To Site

The Los Angeles Times has even announced that it will no longer print letters to the editor questioning man-made global warming. Had the Times been printing before Columbus, perhaps it would have banned letters saying the Earth was round. -Michael Fumento Go To Site

Up until now, Facebook users have been led to believe that “Trending News” stories landed there “organic­ally,” buoyed by massive public discourse. Now we’ve learned they’ve been actively squelching political speech much like the state-run 
media operations in totalitarian North Korea and China do. -Adriana Cohen Go To Site

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Twitter buried significant portions of tweets related to hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chair John Podesta in the last two months of the 2016 presidential campaign.

  Twitter’s systems hid 48 percent of tweets using the #DNCLeak hashtag and 25 percent of tweets using #PodestaEmails, Twitter general counsel Sean Edgett said in his written testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday...

  He added that “our systems detected and hid just under half (48%) of the Tweets relating to variants of another notable hashtag, #DNCLeak, which concerned the disclosure of leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee.”

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Professor Valentina Zharkova at Northumbria University is being attacked by climate change proponents for publishing research suggesting there could be a 35-year period of low solar activity that could usher in an “ice age.” Zharkova and her team of researchers released a study on sunspot modeling, finding that solar activity could fall to levels not seen since the so-called “Little Ice Age” of the 1600s...

  In fact, Zharkova said some scientists even tried to have her research suppressed. “They were trying to actually silence us,” she said. “Some of them contacted the Royal Astronomical Society, demanding, behind our back, that they withdraw our press release.”

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“Wait, let me finish,” Malzberg said. “No, no, no,” Costello replied. “What do you mean? You don’t want to hear it? That Hillary Clinton is on tape bragging about, as a lawyer getting off on a technicality. That woman now says, ‘Hillary ruined my life.’ That’s not fair,” Malzberg asked.

  Preventing Phillips or Malzberg from talking, Costello overruled claiming, “I’m going to leave it there, Goodbye. Thanks for joining me.”

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A female student was threatened by feminist and LGBT organizations at the University of North Carolina - Wilmington after she invited them to attend a pro-life event... "We do not need, nor want, these invitations. If you continue to attempt to contact any of us, we will take further action.”... UNCW’s College Democrats also declined the invitation to attend the event as “our party’s views do not align with the views of the speaker.”

CNN's Don Lemon Cuts off Microphone

of Kurt Schlicter

Schlichter continued to rant about Clinton’s connections to a “serial sexual harasser” as the conversation further derailed. Lemon attempted to silence Schlichter calling his tirade “the lowest of the low” and “a cheap shot.”

Can we cut it off? Can we cut if off please?” Lemon asked his producers, pulling the interview. “Thank you, we’re done.”

Facebook workers routinely suppressed news stories of interest to conservative readers from the social network’s influential “trending” news section, according to a former journalist who worked on the project.

  This individual says that workers prevented stories about the right-wing CPAC gathering, Mitt Romney, Rand Paul, and other conservative topics from appearing in the highly-influential section, even though they were organically trending among the site’s users. -Michael Nunez Go To Site

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Christ Church has refused permission to Oxford Students for Life (OSFL) to hold a controversial 'Abortion Culture' debate in the college's Blue Boar Lecture Theatre, after the JCR voted to inform College Censors about the mental and physical security issues surrounding the debate... Neaverson told Cherwell, "I'm relieved the Censors have made this decision. It clearly makes the most sense for the safety – both physical and mental – of the students who live and work in Christ Church. I'm glad the views of the GM were well represented and well received."

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An upcoming conference organized by Stanford University’s Anscombe Society called “Communicating Values: Marriage, Family & the Media” has been dubbed “hate speech” by the college’s graduate-level student government, which refused to allow any of its student fee-funded budget to support the event. The Anscombe Society is a conservative student group centered around traditional marriage and family values... According to the minutes of the student government meeting on March 5, a large group of angry students attended to protest the conference and its request for funding... ”… there is a lot of feeling espousing the view that marriage is between man and woman is, at the least discriminatory, at worst hate speech.

Ideas They're Afraid Of...

Never Give Up

Liberal character on display.

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Britain’s leading green activist research centre spent £15,000 on seminars for top BBC executives in an apparent bid to block climate change sceptics from the airwaves, a vast new cache of leaked ‘Climategate’ emails has revealed... They show that University staff vetted BBC scripts, used their contacts at the Corporation to stop sceptics being interviewed and were consulted about how the broadcaster should alter its programme output.

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In a move spearheaded by environmentalists, the Portland Public Schools board unanimously approved a resolution aimed at eliminating doubt of climate change and its causes in schools...

  The resolution passed Tuesday evening calls for the school district to get rid of textbooks or other materials that cast doubt on whether climate change is occurring and that the activity of human beings is responsible. The resolution also directs the superintendent and staff to develop an implementation plan for “curriculum and educational opportunities that address climate change and climate justice in all Portland Public Schools.”

Kathy Fox took a play out of the liberal left playbook when she requested The Express-Times punish James Policelli for his dissenting views on global warming alarmism (letter, "Newspaper should reject climate change deniers," Oct. 18). Rather than writing a well-reasoned rebuttal, she requested complete banishment of letter-writer Policelli from the Express-Times opinion page. Go To Site

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Global animal lovers are up in arms over a teenage Texas girl’s love of killing big African game, so much so that they’re even demanding she be banned from posting pictures of herself smiling alongside her trophies online. Nineteen-year-old Kendall Jones claims photos of dead hippos, elephants, lions and other beasts on Facebook are a testament to her hunting skills and dedication to game preservation... An online petition to force Kendall to remove her page because it promotes animal cruelty had gained over 40,000 signatures in just a week.

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How is it that liberals keep getting tripped up by the Alger Hiss Soviet spy case over 75 years after it happened? MSNBC host Karen Finney raised eyebrows yesterday when she hung up on conservative talk-show host Hugh Hewitt after she turned down several chances he offered to acknowledge that the late Alger Hiss was a Communist.

Covering their little ears

Protecting His Bubble

Terrell became so frustrated by Hannity’s questioning that he literally covered his ears and refused to respond.

Image: Fox News H/T: The Blaze

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Civil rights attorney and talk show host Leo Terrell became so agitated over Sean Hannity’s line of questioning concerning the Journal News’s recent publication of New York gun permit holders that he decided he just could not take it anymore Wednesday evening on FNC.

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A content editor on Reddit’s science forum wrote Monday that the site has banned climate-change skeptics, and asks why more news outlets haven’t done the same. "About a year ago, we moderators became increasingly stringent with deniers," Reddit content editor Nathan Allen wrote in grist... Allen explains that climate change became an ironically heated topic among commenters on Reddit’s science forum, /r/science, which he described as a window into the Ivory Tower” for “non-scientists” to connect with experts like himself.

"I'm a journalist - but the Left as a rule does not want to hear thoughtful disagreement."

“I wanted to not see those images” said a 23 year old abortion advocate as he attempted to shut down the lawful expression of our first amendment rights to pro-life speech at the Ohio State University yesterday. The video clip shows the protester assaulting a Created Equal volunteer and then attempting to flee the scene when OSU police officers tried to question him. Go To Site

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According to Newsday, King defended his decision to immediately cancel forums near Buffalo, Utica, Albany, and on Long Island after receiving criticism at Spackenkill High School last Thursday. Parents and teachers expressed outrage at the state’s implementation of the Common Core State Standards and the standardized tests that are aligned with the new standards.

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According to author and Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli and her husband, Tom Borelli, black conservatives have been blacklisted from the NAACP's national conferences for years. When the Borellis, who are employees of the conservative group FreedomWorks, attempted to pay for booth space at this year's 104th National NAACP conference in Florida, they were told there was no room for them despite plenty of exhibit space remaining open.

Primitive, Silly, Yet Effective...

"It’s also first level of the Perfect Rhetorical Fortress which was old even when I was in college.

 Label someone conservative & you absolve yourself of having to listen to them. Primitive, silly, yet, effective."

Covering their little ears

Turn Off Fox

"Fox News does nothing but tell lies and mistruths. They have unqualified political analysts. We need FCC to monitor and regulate them." -Mike Dickinson, Democrat for Congress

H/T: Independent Journal

Image: Crooks and Liars

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Over the weekend, Facebook took down a message by the Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS) which highlighted the fact that Obama denied backup to the forces being overrun in Benghazi. "We created and posted this meme on Saturday after news broke that Obama had known and denied SEALS the backup they requested. Once the meme was up it garnered 30,000 shares, approx. 24,000 likes, and was read by hundreds of thousands of people -- all within 24 hrs. On Sunday, I went into the SOS Facebook page to post something else and found a warning from Facebook that we had violated Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities with our meme." -Larry Ward

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But the overflow crowd outside wasn’t able to hear many such remarks by Gingrich. As he began to speak, Led Zeppelin music began blaring from Blessey Hall next door. Prof. [Karen] Johannesson admitted to The Daily Caller that the music was her doing. “That fatass. … I don’t care if he comes to talk, but I don’t think I should have to listen.” As Gingrich emerged from the back of the Richardson Hall to leave, Johannesson cried, “Boo! Go home!”

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Among intellectuals, the left-liberal religious faithful are often not merely pious but zealous, even fanatic. To conservatives, they seem irrational and intellectually unserious, unable to hold their own in political argument, often unwilling even to try — all too apt, when pressed, to slouch off in a sulk or flare up like a burnt-out lightbulb with no more watts to spare on you. There is a frazzled flash, a silence, then “let’s talk about something else.” Many conservatives have had the experience.

Virginia state Democrats on Tuesday stormed out of the House chamber after a local black minister led the body in an opening prayer that openly and strongly condemned abortion and gay marriage.

-Brittany M. Hughes Go To Site

At Claremont McKenna College in California, protesters blocked the doors to a lecture hall preventing conservative author Heather Mac Donald from speaking.

  At Middlebury College in Vermont, a professor accompanying libertarian author Charles Murray was injured by an angry mob.

  At the University of California-Berkeley and its surrounding community, protests against scheduled speakers have turned ugly.

  In just the place where the clash of ideas is most valuable, students are shutting themselves off to points of view they don’t agree with.

-The Editorial Board , USA TODAY Go To Site