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Deliberate Fraud

CBS issued a damning independent review Monday of mistakes related to last fall’s "60 Minutes Wednesday" report on President Bush’s National Guard service and fired three news executives and a producer for their "myopic zeal" in rushing it on the air.

Conservatives have always been amused by the liberal biases of the old network news and big-city print media. But they grudgingly admitted that many liberal journalists of the last century were mostly professionals. News divisions generally reported the news rather than simply made it up.

  Not so now with Big Tech and 21st-century “woke” journalism. Few reporters have yet offered apologies for helping hatch and spread the Russian-collusion hoax that paralyzed the country for three years.

-Victor Davis Hanson Go To Site

So what do you do when there is no hate crime? What do you do when there is no crime that can even be falsely construed as a hate crime? It's simple: You just make it up, if you’re the mainstream media. -Joe Bilello Go To Site

As Executive Producer of Under the Gun, a documentary film that explores the epidemic of gun violence, I take responsibility for a decision that misrepresented an exchange I had with members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL).

  My question to the VCDL regarding the ability of convicted felons and those on the terror watch list to legally obtain a gun, was followed by an extended pause, making the participants appear to be speechless. -Katie Couric Go To Site

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The German magazine Der Spiegel revealed Wednesday that one of its top award-winning journalists fabricated many of his articles, inventing characters, sources, and their quotes “on a grand scale” for many years.

  Claas Relotius, a reporter and editor, admitted to fabricating parts of at least 14 stories following the magazine’s internal investigation. The publication said the issue “marks a low point in the 70-year history of Der Spiegel.”...

  The Relotius case resembles past instances where journalists have been caught fabricating stories. Those accused previously have included Stephen Glass, who was fired from the New Republic magazine, Jayson Blair, fired from the New York Times, and Janet Cooke, a Washington Post reporter whose story about a child addicted to heroin won a Pulitzer Prize before it was revealed to be a fabrication.

MSNBC's Morning Joe

Pre-Taped Show, Pretended to be day after Thanksgiving

Mika had trouble cooking her turkey, Joe enjoyed last night's game.

The Press: 2020 Election Interference

Media Outlets Knowingly Spread CIA Disinformation...

  It's been 6 days since POLITICO reporter @SchreckReports published a new book verifying the key emails from Hunter's laptop, including Joe's role in the China deal.

  Not one outlet that spread the CIA lie that it was Russian disinformation (except POLITICO) has even mentioned it.

  That means that CNN, NBC News, MSNBC, PBS, @HuffPost , @TheIntercept and so many others spent weeks before the 2020 election spreading what they know is a lie from CIA. And now that there's new proof from a mainstream reporter that they lied, they won't even mention that.

  The most damaging and aggressive agents of disinformation in the United States are large corporate media outlets.

  All journalists make mistakes. The way to know that they're deliberate disinformation agents is when they ignore evidence that they lied. That shows it's purposeful.

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ABC News correspondent Linsey Davis stood in a field in Woodruff, South Carolina, and relayed the gruesome details of how a 30-year-old woman had been held captive in a storage container allegedly by a registered sex offender. Behind her, yellow police tape with the words "SHERIFF'S LINE DO NOT CROSS" flapped in the wind, indicating the scene of the crime.

  In fact, the police tape was tied to ABC News' own equipment just off-camera, a photograph obtained by CNNMoney shows. Sources with knowledge of the matter say the tape was placed there by ABC News for the purpose of its inclusion in the live shot.

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CNN added the word "racial" to Donald Trump's Monday comments on terrorism and immigration and is running headlines reporting that the GOP presidential nominee spoke of using "racial profiling" to stop terrorism... CNN has been running headlines throughout the day that specifically quotes Trump as using the words "racial profiling." also is using the term "racial profiling" in its headlines.

  The decision by CNN to add "racial" to Trump's comments comes in the wake of intense criticism this weekend after the network edited out a key portion of Hillary Clinton's Saturday night statement following the terror attacks in New York and New Jersey.

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The BBC has admitted faking spectacular scenes of a volcano eruption in its new natural history series Patagonia: Earth’s Secret Paradise. The programme, broadcast in late September, purported to show a “dirty thunderstorm” above the Calbuco volcano in southern Chile, with flashes of lighting within clouds of ash. The scene was actually created by using footage from two different eruptions four years apart.

Remember the "animals" uproar?

  2. That was perfect example of this tactic and, in that case, a huge chunk of the mainstream media and the Twitter Blue Check Mark Mafia pretended that President Trump referred to illegal immigrants as animals, when he was actually referring to the demonic gang MS-13.

  3. Here's the intended effect of the tactic: even after the truth comes out, there will still be a significant segment of the public who believes the falsehood.

  And there will be nothing you can do to show them that they are wrong.

  4. That's the beauty of Big Media outrageous BS flotation. Call it weaponization of disinformation.

-Baldilocks Go To Site

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Harper‘s magazine editor Lewis Lapham is being appropriately mocked for a major pre-GOP-convention boner. In the September issue of his magazine, which has been on newsstands for over a week, Lapham writes about the “Republican propaganda mill” and the GOP convention: “The speeches in Madison Square Garden affirmed the great truths now routinely preached from the pulpits of Fox News and the Wall Street Journal – government the problem, not the solution; the social contract a dead letter; the free market the answer to every maiden’s prayer — and while listening to the hollow rattle of the rhetorical brass and tin, I remembered the question that [Richard] Hofstadter didn’t stay to answer. How did a set of ideas both archaic and bizarre make its way into the center ring of the American political circus?” That’s right, Lapham wrote about the GOP convention speeches before anyone even stepped to the podium. Lapham has apologized for what he’s calling a “rhetorical invention,” use of “poetic license,” and a “mistake.”

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Speaking last week, Maddow aired footage of McCain addressing a constituent whose son was killed last year at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, who spoke to Senator McCain about her belief that “These assault weapons allow a shooter to fire many rounds without having to reload. These weapons do not belong on our streets.” Maddow then played McCain’s edited comments, which show him saying, “I can tell you right now you need some straight talk. That assault weapons ban will not pass the congress of the United States.” Maddow then ridiculously admits there is editing with the clip she played, but that doesn’t stop her from slamming McCain: "Obviously, there was an edit between the end of the woman's question and the part where John McCain sneers the straight talk line at her. So maybe that edit was cut in a way that’s not fair to John McCain."

CBS: Fake Story on Corona Testing...

O’Keefe asked the insider: “You’re telling me you’re a hundred percent certain that CBS News, CBS News Corporation–national, staged a fake event. They faked the news. They faked the reality and broadcasted that to all of their audience last Friday on “CBS This Morning?””

 The insider replied, “A hundred percent. Absolutely.”

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About half of the manifesto has been delicately excised from press reports… the parts where he praises gun control, Senator Dianne Feinstein, MSNBC, CNN (especially gun control sensationalist Piers Morgan), Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. On the other hand, he really hates the NRA, particularly Wayne LaPierre (who he incorrectly identifies as the organization’s “president” – that would be David Keene at the moment) and George Zimmerman.

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Back in 2004, Piers Morgan was axed as editor-in-chief of the Daily Mirror, a British tabloid, for publishing photos of British soldiers who appeared to be abusing an Iraqi prisoner. They turned out to be fake... Morgan also says he feels "vindicated" and that he has no regrets: "I feel like it was a moral duty ... Sometimes you have to make a stand as an editor."

On Sunday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow, political strategist Pat Caddell outlined his charge that Reuters tampered with its own daily tracking poll to manufacture a sudden surge for Hillary Clinton. “They not only changed their formula, to put Hillary ahead. They went back and changed the results, for a week of results where Trump was ahead, and then they turned those into Hillary leads,” said Caddell.

  “They also erased all the former polling off the site. They didn’t tweak their procedure – they cooked it.” “Never in my life have I seen a news organization, and a supposedly reputable poll, do something so dishonest,” Caddell continued. Go To Site

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The media myth associated with the image is that U.S. forces carried out the aerial napalm attack that terrorized and injured the children near Trang Bang. But that interpretation — or, perhaps, the reflexive inclination to blame the American military — is in error: The napalm was dropped in a misdirected attack by the South Vietnamese Air Force, as news reports of the time made clear. In the 40 years since, however, the erroneous interpretation has emerged not infrequently. A notable example came six months ago, in an obituary published in the New York Times that referred to Ut’s photograph and said it depicted “the aftermath of one of the thousands of bombings in the countryside by American planes: a group of terror-stricken children fleeing the scene, a girl in the middle of the group screaming and naked, her clothes incinerated by burning napalm.”

NYT Reuses Child Photo To Push A Narrative...

  The New York Times posted the photo of a child who allegedly died in Gaza in 2021, in fighting between Israel and Hamas, which rules Gaza and fired thousands of rockets into Israel.

   But it wasn’t a photo of that child. Hussein Aboubakr Mansour says it was “a random photo from ‘cute Muslim toddlers’ online photo stocks that have been circulating for many years. … Hamas and @nytimes are literally trolling the world.”

   The same photo was used in 2017 for another child who allegedly died in Gaza, notes law professor David Bernstein. As he observes, the “angelic photo” supposedly of this child published in the New York Times in 2021, was previously used in 2017 for a child with a different name, who supposedly died in that year.

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The Associated Press is the latest offender, calling a Milwaukee, Wisconsin crowd that did not exist "the largest yet of Obama's reelection campaign." Tom Blumer of NewsBusters caught the AP in the lie, building on an article at Breitbart News that showed that both Politico and the Wall Street Journal had reported turnout for Obama at the Sep. 21 event as 18,000--at an arena that only held 5,000 people.

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Time magazine and CNN suspended Fareed Zakaria, the writer and television host, on Friday after he apologized for plagiarizing sections of his column on gun control in the Aug. 20 issue of Time. Some passages in the column, “The Case for Gun Control,” closely tracked those in a longer article on guns in America by the historian Jill Lepore, which appeared in the April 23 issue of The New Yorker.

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In the Sandusky interview with NBC, Costas asks, "Are you sexually attracted to young boys, to underage boys?" according to an NBC News transcript. Sandusky responded, "Am I sexually attracted to underage boys?" But in the "Today" version, which was played for jurors and is still available on YouTube (here), the exchange was repeated.... The repetition, Sandusky's lawyers contend, made it appear to jurors that he was stonewalling.

“My only fear is that the craft of witnessing and reporting on the truth will die.” -Dean Baquet, managing editor of The New York Times Go To Site

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A Baltimore television reporter has lost his job after acknowledging that he doctored a video to make it appear that Fox News Radio host John Gibson had made a racial slur. In the bogus video, which was picked up across the Internet, Gibson seemed to be comparing Attorney General Eric Holder to a monkey with a "bright blue scrotum."

Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle.

"We were creating a story there that we didn’t know anything about"...

  "The president’s hand was shaking or whatever, I think. We brought in so many medical people to tell a story that was all speculation — that he was neurologically damaged, and he was losing it. He’s unfit to — you know, whatever.

  We were creating a story there that we didn’t know anything about. That’s what — I think that’s propaganda."

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"This American Life" -- a higher-end radio magazine show -- will "separate fact from fiction" and retract a recent episode that detailed what life is supposedly like at Apple's Foxconn manufacturing plant in China.

  Host Ira Glass penned a statement to subscribers articulating that parts of the story were fabricated, adding, "I've never had to write an email like this."

  "Like all our friends and colleagues in public radio, I and my co-workers at This American LIfe work hard every day to make sure that what you hear on WBEZ is factually correct. We will continue to do that, and hope you can forgive this."

  The show will air an explanation on Sunday, claiming that the episode's narrator, Mike Daisey, misled the show during the fact-checking process, according to Silicon Alley Insider.

  In the episode, an excerpt of Daisey's one-man show, "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs," tells how he visited a factory owned by Foxconn. Upon further questioning, Daisey's Chinese interpreter disputed much of what Daisey was telling audiences.

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“I always enjoyed his pranks,” said Stu White, a popular friend of Romney’s who went on to a career as a public school teacher and has long been bothered by the Lauber incident. Yet in an interview with ABC News today, White disowned that characterization: While the Post reports White as having “long been bothered” by the haircutting incident,” he told ABC News he was not present for the prank, in which Romney is said to have forcefully cut a student’s long hair and was not aware of it until this year when he was contacted by the Washington Post.

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When Washington Post journalist Elizabeth Flock wrote a post last year falsely accusing Mitt Romney of using a Ku Klux Klan slogan in his campaign speech, she was not fired or disciplined. But when Flock stole from the work of another mainstream organization and did not properly attribute, she abruptly “resigned” from the Washington Post conveniently and coincidentally before another editor’s note went up on her post that described it as having “serious factual errors” and “a significant ethical lapse.”

Memo to the Corrections Department at the Los Angeles Times: The following sentence is utterly unhistorical. “Since Democrats led the passage of civil rights legislation that marchers pushed for in 1963, Republicans have struggled to recover with black voters”. Civil rights legislation of the 1960s was favored more by Republicans than by Democrats, so how did Democrats “lead the passage”? Go To Site

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On August 15, 2011 Shultz aired an out-of-context clip of Texas Gov. Rick Perry describing the state of the nation as being darkened by “a black cloud.” Perry was referring to the economy but Schultz did not air the original context of the clip and presented it as Perry talking about President Barack Obama – Obama, of course, being the black cloud. Schultz attempt to imply Perry was voicing a racist sentiment backfired and he later was forced to admit “we did not present the full context of those statements… It was a mistake and we regret the error.”

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Chung: "Mrs. Gingrich, what has Newt told you about President Clinton?" Kathleen Gingrich: "Nothing. And I can't tell you what he said about Hillary." Chung: "You can't?" Mrs. Gingrich: "I can't." Chung: "Why don't you just whisper it to me, just between you and me?"

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The public radio show This American Life has retracted an entire storyline told by comedian and self-described Apple fanboy Mike Daisey that aired in early January after Daisey's translator said he made up significant details of the tale... The China correspondent for the radio show Marketplace, Rob Schmitz, wrote that he decided to track down Daisey's translator after he found it suspicious for Daisey to ferret out some of the worst labor abuses reporters have been hunting for years in a six-day trip to the site. Translator Cathy Lee told Schmitz that she never saw the underaged or poisoned workers, and that she also never saw armed factory guards, which Daisey describes.

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The first rule of journalism is “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.” Brad Plumer of the Washington Post overlooked that rule in reporting that an alleged global warming skeptic is now a convert — because the “skeptic” in question — physicist Richard Muller of Berkeley — embraced the theory of man-made global warming 30 years ago. An online search easily disproved his claim of skepticism.

Politico published a story Wednesday with this headline: “Hunting Group Wants Background Checks.” The story gave the false impression that the millions of hunters in the U.S. support Mr. Obama’s push for “universal background checks.”... In fact, 31 well-known hunting and conservation groups sent a letter to Capitol Hill Thursday expressing opposition to intrusion by the federal government into private firearm transfers. Politico only cites one small group in its story, Bull Moose Sportsmen, which claims 5,000 members... In fact, Bull Moose Sportsmen is a fringe organization run by Democratic activists that has been rejected from membership into the major gun and hunting groups’ umbrella organization because it refuses to reveal its funding sources. Go To Site

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“I built this constituency, not Bachmann, not anyone else,” she said.

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"Wired Online has been forced to correct dozens of stories in the wake of disclosures that reporter Michelle Delio may have fabricated quotes. Wired has published over 700 stories by Delio since 2000, and in a review of 160 of the most recent ones, 24 were found to have quotes that could not be confirmed.

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This morning's New York Times is reporting that key details of an article published June 7 in Slate, "Monkeyfishing," were fabricated by the author, Jay Forman. Slate, which stood by the story and the author against earlier charges, now acknowledges that it published falsehoods and we apologize to our readers.

The column that led to Wednesdays resignation told the story of two children one black, one white who became friends in the hospital. After the black child died, Barnicle wrote that the parents of the white child gave the parents of the black child 10,000.

MSNBC’s propensity to selectively edit video to smear conservatives has reached a new low. Speaking on her self-titled show on February 21, host Rachel Maddow openly admitted to playing edited footage of Senator John McCain to smear the Arizona Republican. Go To Site

Boston Globe columnist Patricia Smith, 42, a finalist earlier this year for a Pulitzer Prize, admitted that she made up quotations and people in four columns this year and has resigned, the Associated Press reported.

Reuters admits altering Beirut photo

Reuters withdraws photograph of Beirut after Air Force attack after US blogs, photographers point out 'blatant evidence of manipulation.'

The article that appeared in the Washington Post on September 29, 1980 told a heartwrenching tale. It detailed the life of 'Jimmy,' a young boy who had apparently become a victim of the thriving heroin trade that was devestating the low-income neighborhoods of Washington D.C.

Jan. 2021: New York Times Spreading A Lie ...

  There will be no significant consequences to the Times for spreading a lie that divided and inflamed the country at a dangerous time. For all the moralizing about people “spreading misinformation” on social media, the biggest spreaders of misinformation in America are the liberal media, the Times above all.

NBC: Exploding Truck

Dateline NBC: An Exploding Truck

NBC employed an outside contractor to conduct the simulation and in its apology Tuesday night, the network cited its use of an incendiary device to ignite an explosion and its failure to inform the viewers about the device.

NBC Edits Video Of Gun Hearing

NBC Edits Video Of Gun Hearing

It’s abundantly clear that someone at MSNBC doctored the original video in order to (a) push their radical, left-wing agenda and (b) to portray gun owners as evil and heartless nut jobs. -Daniel Doherty

Some of the “facts” Relotius reported, like his claim that the city voted 70.4 percent for President Donald Trump when the actual figure was 62.6 percent, could have been exposed as false with a few minutes’ research.

  The same goes for other, too-good-to-be-true details, like the sign warning “Mexicans Keep Out” and a throwaway line about a resident who had “never seen the ocean.”

-James Kirchick Go To Site

To hear the mainstream news media retell the story of the contentious 2000 presidential election, one would think that it all boils down to Bush v. Gore. The Supreme Court decision created huge controversy and poisons public life to this day.

  But this focus on the decision serves to obscure an act of great duplicity on the part of the media that dwarfs the impact of that case: namely, that if it hadn’t been for actions they took on television on Election Night, November 7, 2000, there never would have been a Bush v. Gore or a Florida recount in the first place. -By C. Boyden Gray and Elise Passamani, ‘Polls Are Closed,’ They Lied, H/T Herb Sorensen Go To Site