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Liberal Press Hypocrisy

Preaching the Gospel of Diversity, but Not Following It -Liz Spayd, Public Editor New York Times

Demands for diversity and economic fairness apparently stop at the front door of some newspapers in the nation’s largest media chain, Gannett.

  In an unusual report on 14 Gannett papers by six reporters from some of those same newspapers, the company that is woke on the raging issues of race and fairness overwhelmingly favors whites in pay and job security.

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Candle-lit host Bob Costas then cut to video of Today show personalities Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Ann Curry reporting about climate change from the Arctic, Amazon and Antarctic, respectively.

  None gave even a nod to the energy-hogging effort required to send them and crews to do such pointless broadcasts from exotic locales.

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America’s big media, which has celebrated #MeToo, decried the lack of women in the Trump administration, and called for the recognition of female artists, appears to be run by a big boys club, according to a new newsroom survey.

  The Women’s Media Center has just released its “Divided 2019: The Media Gender Gap,” and it found that the majority of news is produced by male journalists...

  “The media is in a state of great disruption, but despite all the change, one thing remains the same: fewer women report the news than men,” said Julie Burton, president of the Women’s Media Center.

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Speaking with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Thursday, senior adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, Barbara Comstock, was asked about Romney’s position on the Lilly Ledbetter Act. Comstock said it was clear that there were pay inequality issues, and cited MSNBC who she says pays their male employees more than their female employees. Mitchell agreed with Comstock that this was the case.

"There’s always a reason for such little diversity in newsrooms. Over the course of time, the reasons always change, but the underrepresentation never does."

  "I think it’s criminal for Gannett or any other news organizations to have pay inequity based on gender or color while these same organizations expose and condemn other industries of doing the same. It’s the typical do as I say, not as I do."

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CNN host and outspoken gun-control advocate Piers Morgan once joked about shooting professional enemies and separately wrote that he was a “rabid fascist” who wanted burglars tortured after a “decent period of cattle-prodding, testicle electrode treatment, and slow gentle skewering over hot coals.”

NYT: People Of Color Shut Out Of Coveted Jobs...

At The Times, on the other hand, people of color seem shut out of all sorts of coveted jobs: the top digital strategists, the top managers, the precious ranks of cultural critics, the White House press corps, the opinion columnists, the national politics jobs — all are overwhelmingly white.

...Overwhelmingly White

According to the study, minority individuals (black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, or other) accounted for one person on the 11-person masthead of The Washington Post, three people on the 18-person masthead of The New York Times, one person on the five-person masthead of NPR, three people on the 14-person masthead of the Chicago Tribune, and one person on the 14-person masthead of the Los Angeles Times.

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The result of those efforts is this new report — the most comprehensive study to date of pay at The Washington Post...

    Women as a group are paid less than men.

    Collectively, employees of color are paid less than white men, even when controlling for age and job description. White women are paid about the median for their age. Women of color in the newsroom receive $30,000 less than white men — a gap of 35 percent when comparing median salaries.

  The pay disparity between men and women is most pronounced among journalists under the age of 40: When adjusting for similar age groups, which in most cases is a good stand-in for years in journalism, it becomes clear that the pay disparity between men and women exists almost exclusively among employees under the age of 40.

   Men receive a higher percentage of merit pay raises than women, despite accounting for a smaller proportion of the newsroom.

   The Post tends to give merit raises based on performance evaluation scores, but those who score the highest are overwhelmingly white.

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