During our investigation it became evident that there was an error made in the production process that we deeply regret. We will be taking the necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the future and apologize to our viewers. Go To Site

This is now fated to be Exhibit A in conservative charges of mainstream media bias for about the next century or so. And who can blame them? What a cockup. Go To Site

The media dishonestly going after the president of the United States is wrong, but it goes with the territory, and the target in that case is the most powerful man in the world. That is something completely different from the media using lies and half-baked information to label as racist and a liar a private citizen while he's in hiding for fear of his life. -John Nolte Go To Site

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Demonstration of how this edit could only have been deliberate.

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“You murderer!” “You deserve to die!” By Day 2 he figured out what was going on: T-Mobile had given him the phone number formerly used by George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who fatally shot Trayvon Martin in February… He has moved out of his home and relocated his mother, who had lived with him, to a different location, he said.

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The assaults on a pair of Virginian-Pilot reporters in Norfolk, Va., two weeks ago at the hands of 30 black youths, reported for the first time Tuesday, are the latest in a series of attacks driven by a warped sense of racial vigilantism hiding behind calls of “Justice for Trayvon.” At least 15 whites have been beaten not just with fists, but with potentially deadly weapons including hammers and lengths of chain. Many of the victims have been hospitalized, some may never fully recover, and one lingers on the verge of death.

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A teen charged with a hate crime in Oak Park told investigators he beat his victim in anger over the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, according to the Cook County state's attorney office. Alton L. Hayes, 18, of the 1200 block of Woodbine Avenue in Oak Park, was charged with attempted robbery and aggravated battery along with a hate crime, state's attorney spokesman Andy Conklin said Wednesday. A 15-year-old Chicago boy also was charged with attempted robbery in the incident.

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Police tell News 5 the suspects used chairs, pipes and paint cans to beat Owens.

Owens' sister, Ashley Parker, saw the attack. "It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed." Parker says 20 people, all African American, attacked her brother on the front porch of his home, using "brass buckles, paint cans and anything they could get their hands on." Police are downplaying the Trayvon Martin comment, but the family insists one of the attackers said "Now thats justice for Trayvon" after the attack. Trayvon Martin is the unarmed teenager police say was shot and killed February 26 by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman in Samford, Florida.

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“The media is hurting us by instilling fear into our patrons that come every day,” Chris of Hollerbach’s Café in Sanford told Pelosi. “They’re afraid to walk on the streets of Sanford alone now because the media is telling them it is not safe. I think when Al Sharpton got his hands on it, it all blew up. It was just opening Pandora ’s Box. There’s no race war. There’s no cars on fire. It’s just good food and music.”

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George Zimmerman was released on $150,000 bail late Sunday night in what the Associated Press called a “low-key event.” Threats of death from the Twitter lynch mob were anything but low-key.

The sheer breathtakingness of that elision has convinced some onlookers that NBC acted with malice in this instance — that it was out to portray Zimmerman as someone prone to racial profiling. The New York Post spoke for this group in a Thursday editorial arguing that the audio editing “constitutes pretty damning evidence of willful misconduct by NBC News.” Go To Site

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Maywood, Ill. - Alton L. Hayes III, a west suburban man charged with a hate crime, told police he was so upset about the Trayvon Martin case in Florida that he beat up a white man early Tuesday. Hayes and a 15-year-old Chicago boy walked up behind the 19-year-old man victim and pinned his arms to his side, police said. Hayes, 18, then picked up a large tree branch, pointed it at the man and said, “Empty your pockets, white boy.”

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Police are investigating the “racially motivated” beating of a 27-year-old man who was walking home from midtown bars early Saturday when he said he was jumped by five to eight men who shouted “Trayvon” before the attack.

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A third NBC employee has been fired from the network after yet another misleadingly edited George Zimmerman 911 tape surfaced from the Trayvon Martin shooting. Lilia Luciano, a Miami-based correspondent, “is no longer working for the network,” TVNewser reports. Her firing follows the axing of an NBC producer who edited the original 911 call that caused so much controversy as well as a local NBC reporter, Jeff Burnside, who was found to have used a similarly-edited recording.

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Another Miami-area TV journalist has been fired as a result of a local NBC affiliate’s broadcast of a misleading edited version of George Zimmerman’s 911 call the night Trayvon Martin was killed. Local TV station WTVJ veteran Jeff Burnside was fired Friday following an investigation of the station’s separate airing of the conversation that was edited in much the same way as the Today show’s broadcast that resulted in the firing of an unidentified NBC News producer based in Miami.

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The controversy erupted after "Today" aired a segment that made shooter George Zimmerman sound as though he was racially profiling the 17-year-old black youth. NBC News has fired the producer it deemed most responsible for the airing of a selectively edited 911 call placed by George Zimmerman the night he killed Trayvon Martin.

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The NBC producer responsible for the misleading edit of the George Zimmerman's 911 call has been fired.

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Dangerous subject matter to be f***ing with. Irresponsible, incendiary and completely counter to the furtherance of justice for either side

How many people might have been spared if the press had reported accurately, and non-sensationally, and had avoided deliberate falshehood in covering this case? -Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit Go To Site

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An internal NBC News probe has determined a "seasoned" producer was to blame for a misleading clip of a 911 call that the network broadcast during its coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting, according to two sources at the network... The sources at the network, who declined to identify the producer, said NBC News executives did not know the 911 call was misleadingly edited until news reports surfaced days later on right-leaning blogs including Newsbusters.org and Breitbart.com... NBC News staffers who have been working on the Trayvon Martin story for several weeks in Florida were at first "in shock" over the incident, and later furious, another source, who is an NBC producer, told Reuters.

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At one point, the victim recalled being lifted from the ground so one of the boys could "drop-kick" him in the chest. One boy, he said, put his foot on the back of the victim's neck, with another shouting, "Kill him." While Mr. Watts was down the boys kicked him, over and over, shouting, "[Get] that white [man]. This is for Trayvon ... Trayvon lives, white [man]. Kill that white [man]," according to a police report.

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There has been a second firing at NBC over the misleading edit of George Zimmerman's 911 call. A report published yesterday afternoon by the Miami Herald identifies reporter/producer Jeff Burnside as the individual responsible for the edits which appeared in an NBC6 news story on March 19th and again on March 20th.

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Exposed by Fox News and Newsbusters, NBC played the conversation on the “Today Show” as: “This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.” The unabridged version is: Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about. Dispatcher: OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic? Zimmerman: He looks black.

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NBC told this blog today that it would investigate its handling of a piece on the “Today” show that ham-handedly abridged the conversation between George Zimmerman and a dispatcher in the moments before the death of Trayvon Martin. A statement from NBC: “We have launched an internal investigation into the editorial process surrounding this particular story.”

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This is how the program portrayed a segment of that conversation: Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. He looks black.
And here is how it actually went down: Zimmerman: This guy looks like he’s up to no good. Or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining and he’s just walking around, looking about. Dispatcher: OK, and this guy — is he black, white or Hispanic? Zimmerman: He looks black.

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Lawyers for George Zimmerman filed suit today against NBC Universal Media over a well-publicized editing error that portrayed their client in racist terms in his pursuit of Trayvon Martin on a drizzly evening in February. “NBC saw the death of Trayvon Martin not as a tragedy but as an opportunity to increase ratings, and so to set about the myth that George Zimmerman was a racist and predatory villain,” states the civil complaint in its opening salvo against NBC.