What morons. Occupy a book.

Occupy Ridicule

"Don’t stop believing, unless your dream is stupid. Then you should get a better dream." -"Pep Talk from a Kid President"

Bath is a city in England, famous for the Roman Baths. That should be mentioned because when you see there's a group called Occupy Bath, the jokes write themselves. -Lee Stranahan Go To Site

New York City needs your help, America. They need volunteers to help potty train members of the Occupy Wall Street movement. First, they defecated on police cars and in front of private homes. And now, they’ve been caught red-handed dumping a tub of human waste inside a New York City bank lobby. Go To Site

Occupiers in Love...

The Face of Occupy Wall Street


Image: PJ Media

Iconic figures of the American Left at Zucotti Park. Look out you one-percenters - these liberals want your cash and they're not taking "no" for an answer.

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A crowd of Occupy protesters in Chicago descended on Rush Limbaugh’s “office” Thursday to air their grievances about the conservative radio host. The problem? Despite their references to”Rush’s office building“ and ”Rush Limbaugh’s studio,” they weren’t in the right place — not by more than 1,000 miles. It seems the protesters — banded together by this weekend’s NATO summit — confused Limbaugh’s real “office building” with one of the hundreds of stations that merely air his show. Limbaugh lives in Palm Beach, Fla.

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"The modern northwestern anarchist has an embarrassment of riches to choose from. You can see every combination from the easily oh-so-wearable Nike/Gap/North Face ensemble to a full-body monochromatic jumpsuit over the course of a rebellious year. Fine tailoring has been outsourced all over the world - from China, Indonesia and even Argentina - to keep prices in line and will never go out of fashion. Be it May Day or a WTO conference, scrupulous conglomerates have survived the revolution in outdoor anarchist clothing to kit you out for a proper 21st-century uprising!"

Occupy Angels: Won't You Help?

Everyday, helpless occupiers are arrested, and jailed. They are crying out for help. For just $18 a month, only 60 cents a day, you can help rescue occupiers from their police state abusers.

H/T: OWS Exposed

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Forbes: 99% Spring Movement On Track To Train 100,000 Protestors

OWS Exposed Responds: I’d like to help them develop the training curriculum:
Don’t defecate in the streets
Don’t rape fellow protesters
Don’t murder people
Don’t vandalize private property
Don’t steal stuff
Take a bath once a week

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New York City needs your help, America. They need volunteers to help potty train members of the Occupy Wall Street movement. First, they defecated on police cars and in front of private homes. And now, they’ve been caught red-handed dumping a tub of human waste inside a New York City bank lobby.

Barrel of Cement

Duh: Barrel of Cement

Elsewhere at Occupy Portland: One of the leaders of tomorrow handcuffs his arm inside a barrel full of cement. He brags about how it’s impossible to remove him from the park where he’s squatting, and then he’s asked how he’s going to get his arm out: “Um… that’s… you know, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

H/T: The Daily Caller

Nearby, 30-year old Corey Mills sipped a cup of coffee, watching more amused than impressed. “I agree that some people are being left behind, but I’m not hearing a clear message from any of them,” said the Over-the-Rhine resident, who works as a tech specialist. Go To Site

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Perhaps the greatest, and, most obvious hypocrisy of all is that, unless born into privilege — as is the case with some of our celebrities below — it can be argued that none of these high net-worth individuals would be where they are today without having availed themselves of the advantages of capitalism.

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Two months after Occupy Wall Street set up its first tent, two Manhattan small business owners — dubbed “the biggest heroes on Wall Street” by Business Insider — decided to protest the protests, heading down to Zuccotti park donning signs that read, “Occupy a Desk” and “Get a Job.”

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OAKLAND (CBS/AP) — A group of Oakland anti-Wall Street protesters who blame large banks for the economic downturn have decided that one of those institutions is the best place to stash their money for now. Protesters at an Occupy Oakland meeting Monday voted to deposit a $20,000 donation into a Wells Fargo account. The move comes just days after one of Wells Fargo’s branches was vandalized during a massive downtown demonstration.

Bye bye now, liberal.

Occupy the Sidewalk

“So I grabbed him by his sweat shirt and escorted him out. I just had to do what was right. I was just here to witness this historic occasion.” Afterward, Turner blasted the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and praised Hiltunen. “Protesters are on the wrong track. Socialism has been tried again and again, and it doesn’t work,” said Turner. “He picked the wrong guy to pee off.”

H/T: New York Post

Photo: Matthew McDermott

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Most of the roughly 300 Occupy L.A. protesters were released from jail by Friday evening, with some immediately speaking out on the police raid that cleared their camp. One speaker suggested that some of those arrested might need therapy. Several said they felt traumatized after witnessing police use nonlethal force and being forced to wait for hours in zip-tie handcuffs.

Before the housing, sanitation and nonviolent communication groups had their say, the Occupy Wall Street facilitator began the night meeting with guided meditation. Someone stood up to object, saying all that controlled, deep breathing was oppressive. Go To Site

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Denver Mayor Michael Hancock insisted that his city's occupation name a leader in order "to deal with City and State officials." And he got his wish! Occupy Denver has elected Shelby, a border collie, as its leader.... Protesters have already made an official request for Shelby to meet with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.

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Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Protester Wants His College Paid By Others

Why should anyone pay for your college tuition?: Why? It's just, it's just my opinion. I know, but give me the reason for it...

H/T: National Review

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“The poor are just getting slaughtered,” said protester Victoria Bramson of Mercer County, N.J. “The pain should be shared so that everyone benefits.”

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We are the 1%," the sign reads, an apparent response to the Occupy Chicago (and Occupy Wall Street) protests. "We are the 99%" is one of the mantras of that movement for financial reform.

You guys seem like a cult

You can now sense that the whole Occupy movement is starting to dwindle and implode under the weight of their own stupidity, hypocrisy, and hedonism. This certainly isn't helping and now that Stephen Colbert has gone after them this hard, that says a lot. -John Nolte

H/T: Breitbart.com

While the Occupy movement's proletariat were sleeping under canvas, many of its leaders were staying in five-star hotels. Six-figure sums of money were collected, but their disbursement was cloudy. Does every movement, however egalitarian in doctrine, inevitably produce its own overclass? Are "egalitarian" movements more prone to such outcomes? Readings: George Orwell's "Animal Farm," Li Zhi-Sui's "The Private Life of Chairman Mao." Go To Site

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In the middle of an Occupy Chicago teach-in this week, traders at the Chicago Board of Trade dumped several sheets of paper on top of the heads of protesters below. Demonstrators were angered to find out they were showered with employment applications for McDonald’s.

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NEW YORK—As the Occupy Wall Street protest expands and grows into a nationwide movement, Americans are eagerly awaiting a list of demands from the group so they can then systematically disregard them and continue going about their business, polls showed this week.

Government Jobs for Occupiers...


H/T: Forbes

NASA is currently looking for volunteers to lie in bed for 70 days.

That's right, you could get paid a total of around $18,000 for lying in bed, playing games on your phone, reading books, skyping with your friends and family...

Pepper spray Snuffleupagus, however, and you got yourself a protest ready for prime time. Which is why we here at Tauntr have envisioned the perfect revolution. Don’t Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Sesame Street.

Occupy Atlanta Won't Let John Lewis Speak

As Lee Stranahan said, the jokes write themselves.

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“It’s weird protesting on Bay Street. You get there at 9 a.m. and the rich bankers who you want to hurl insults at and change their worldview have been at work for two hours already. And then when it’s time to go, they’re still there. I guess that’s why they call them the one per cent. I mean, who wants to work those kinds of hours? That’s the power of greed.

Keeping Our Tundra Safe From Economic Freedom and Prosperity...

Occupy the Tundra!

The 1% are warming the globe, then will come steal your land!

She is standing alone with her dogs with an early frost on the grass, staking her claim as part of the 99%. "Occupy the Tundra," says the sign she holds, hand-lettered on an old piece of cardboard.

H/T: LA Times Blogs

As protesters took their rolling (or tripping) dance party through the streets of Ybor, one shirtless woman almost lost a card for Tampa’s bike share program. Shaken lose by the gyration of her hips in time with the music, the card began to slip out of her back pocket. A member of TheDC’s photo and video team tried to warn her of the impeding loss, but she wasn’t bothered. “I don’t give a f--- about that materialistic s---,” she said. “None of that s--- matters.” Her boyfriend, another protester, disagreed. “Well, it kind of matters,” he said running back to retrieve the item. “Actually, it matters a lot.” She’s lucky to have him. Go To Site

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The leaderless resistance movement met for the first time on Saturday in Chinatown. The group doesn't have any specific goals yet. In fact they spent much of the meeting debating over what the name of their group should be. "There seems to be a significant problem here. I don't know if you guys are going to ever agree on one name."

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An Occupy Wall Street protester who was pepper-sprayed by police has started a romance with the demonstrator who helped treat her. Robert Grodt, 24, a volunteer medic, rushed to help Kaylee Dedrick after she was temporarily blinded by the spray on September 24. Miss Dedrick, who calls herself gay on social networking sites, has now reportedly found romance with the male fellow protester.

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COLUMBIA, S.C. — Protesters who have been at the Statehouse in Columbia complaining about the nation’s economic and political systems took their rally up the street to complain about bank bailouts. But The State newspaper reported the group stopped in front of the wrong building on North Main Street on Wednesday when they started complaining about Wells Fargo and bank bailouts. Police Chief Randy Scott pointed out to the group that Wells Fargo was farther up the street.

"At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child - miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats."

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A new series of studies from Stanford researchers has found that people who feel “unattractive” are more likely to donate to the Occupy movement... The participants were then asked to rate their own attractiveness and their ability to empathize. Finally, after watching a short video about the Occupy Movement, participants were asked if they would like to donate their compensatory $50 lottery ticket to the movement.

 Researchers found that those who perceived themselves to be less attractive were almost twice as likely to donate to Occupy.

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Scientists used radiocarbon dating evidence for 200 bone, charcoal and shell samples from 40 European archaeological sites to show that the two human groups overlapped for a significant period of time. They also concluded that Neanderthals disappeared gradually at different times in different locations, rather than undergoing rapid extinction... Prof Higham added: “Of course, the Neanderthals are not completely extinct because some of their genes are in most of us today.”