President Barack Obama and Mayor Rahm Emanuel send their children to elite private schools... Mayor Rahm Emanuel is so committed to public education that he sends his children to a private school 15 miles away from where his children live. Go To Site

General public: Nationally, 11% of all parents enroll their children in private schools, and 89% of American students attend public schools.
 Public School Teachers: Nationally, more than 20% of public school teachers with school-age children enroll them in private schools, or almost twice the 11% rate for the general public
 Philadelphia Public School Teachers: 44% enroll their own children in private schools, or four times the national average.
Members of Congress: 33% to 44% enroll their children in private schools, three to four times the national average. Go To Site

The fact that so many public school teachers enroll their own children in private schools ought to raise questions. After all, what would you think, after having accepted a dinner invitation, if you discovered that the owner, chef, waiters and busboys at the restaurant to which you were being taken don’t eat there? That would suggest they have some inside information from which you might benefit. -Walter Williams Go To Site

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A mother who pleaded guilty to fraudulently enrolling her six-year-old son in the wrong school district has been sentenced to five years in prison. Tonya McDowell sent her son to an elementary school in Norwalk, Connecticut, instead of her home city of Bridgeport. The 34-year-old, who was homeless when she was charged with felony larceny last year, said she wanted the best education possible for the boy.

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The daughters of president-elect Barack Obama will attend private Sidwell Friends School when they move into the White House in January.

DC voucher program cancelled

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Video: Parents Defend D.C. Voucher Program

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Despite giving lip service to education reform, the Obama administration has decided to put an end to the very successful D.C. school voucher program. This despite a United States Department of Education report that found students in the nation's capital that were provided with vouchers allowing them to attend private school through the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program had made statistically significant gains in reading achievement.

[T]he National Association for the Advancement of Colored People voted to oppose vouchers.But, in the poll for the Joint Center, vouchers for private and parochial education were supported by 86 percent of black respondents between the ages of 26 and 35. Go To Site

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The president doesn't believe that vouchers are a long-term answer to our educational problems and the challenges that face our public school system, where the vast majority of -- of students are educated in this country.

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DC voucher program cancelled

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DC residents want school choice.

DC School Voucher Rally

They want choice.

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WASHINGTON, DC (LifeSiteNews) - A landmark education program that provides opportunity to hundreds of families in the nation's capital to attend private schools is being opposed by Democrats in Congress.

Liberals are quick to be against school choice, while their kids go to private or well-regarded public schools. Leaving poor black children behind in underperforming schools and providing less opportunity to improve their lives is inconsequential to keeping true to their white liberal politics. - Nikki Johnson-Huston Go To Site