She noted that she was injected with an unknown drug, after which claimed Paten began to fondle her breasts. While on the examination table, she said, “I heard the zipper of his pants, and he started moving back and forth. And I felt the pressure inside of me.” In response to questioning she indicated that the sensation was in her vagina. Go To Site

“Sex crimes are relatively common amongst abortionists. It is the abortion industry’s dirty little secret they want no one to know. It is a tragic reality that any woman that walks into an abortion clinic today is placing herself at risk that sex crimes will be committed against her. We certainly won’t rest until every one of these predators are out of the medical profession for good,” said Sullenger. Go To Site

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Oklahoma abortionist Nareshkumar Gandalal “Naresh” Patel, who once faced charges of raping and sodomizing his abortion patients, has been arrested. Police raided the Outpatient Services for Women abortion center in Oklahoma City and arrested Patel... In 1993, Patel was charged with one count of “forcible oral sodomy” and one count of sexual battery after a patient alleged that he had sexually assaulted her on an examination table prior to an abortion.

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Scott Richard Swirling, 62, of Silver Spring, Maryland, pled guilty today to traveling interstate to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor... He was executive director of the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association, where he took the lead on a lawsuit arguing that it was unconstitutional to ban federal subsidies for abortion and abortion referrals... The group is something of a DC lobby for family-planning organizations including Planned Parenthood chapters.

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A woman who suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of her father filed a lawsuit today suing Planned Parenthood and five of its employees for refusing to report signs of abuse when she obtained an abortion, with the result that the abuse continued for another 1 1/2 years. Prosecuting Attorney Brian Hurley told (LSN) that the Planned Parenthood employees "played ostrich" when the girl told them she was being raped.

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When Lila Rose and her Live Action team came up with their latest undercover scenario, they came up with an admittedly “obvious and bold one.” She explains: “We tried to make it easy for Planned Parenthood to do the right thing.”

And so the actor playing the pimp literally walks into a New Jersey Planned Parenthood clinic announcing he is involved in sex work and that some of the girls are underage.

The clinic office manager clearly gets the picture. Not that she’s being set up. But that he needs her help to keep operating. And she’s willing to help.

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But during that same time period, Kline testified, Planned Parenthood reported only one case of child rape, and Tiller reported only one case of child rape. This means there were 164 instances when girls 13-years-old and younger had abortions at one of those abortion clinics, and the clinics failed to report the abortions to authorities.

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Dec. 3, 2003 12:00 AM Dr. Brian Finkel, the outspoken gun-toting Phoenix abortion doctor, was convicted Tuesday on 22 counts of sexually abusing patients over the past 17 years.