He has no clue.

The Illegitimate Presidency Of Joe Biden

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said Tuesday that she believes women who say they felt uncomfortable after receiving unwanted touching from former Vice President Joe Biden.

How did the entire Democrat Party contrive to orchestrate the selection and protection and election of this empty shell of a man already burdened with a 47-year history of lying and corruption in public office?

  This surely amounts to the gravest crime the Democrat Party has committed since the Civil War: to inflict such a devious and damaged human relic onto Americans as their commander-in-chief.

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A plurality of Likely U.S. Voters considers Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office a “failure,” according to a Rasmussen Reports survey released Thursday.

  A mere 36 percent of voters rated Biden’s first 100 days in office a success, while 44 percent say they’ve been a failure.

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Another problem for Biden is the perception that he is not the legitimate winner of the 2020 election.

  “Biden’s presidency continues to be shadowed by the belief that cheating affected the outcome of last year’s election,” explains Rasmussen. “While 48% of voters say Biden won the election fairly last November, 39% disagree and 13% are not sure.

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  In a recent interview with Ezra Klein of the New York Times on the legacy of his presidency, former President Barack Obama praised President Biden and his administration for "essentially finishing the job"...

Hate, Misogyny, and Threats in Biden White House...

       "I will destroy you."

Joe Biden Cognitive Decline

Joe Biden's Cognitive Decline

Joe Biden is the face of the United States. But Joe Biden no longer looks like Joe Biden. And he no longer sounds like Joe Biden - especially in the long and excruciating silences when he forgets what he’s saying or fumbles for his cue cards.

He has no clue.

Joe Biden vs Joe Biden

Joe Biden has been on every side of every issue. He might as well Debate himself. -Donald Trump Jr.

Oops, look at the incompetent we elected!

The Incompetence of Joe Biden

Joe Biden eliminated all of the agreements and policies that stabilized the border. Immediately after his installation as head of the executive branch the Biden policies opened a floodgate of illegal alien border crossers.

Tara Reade

Tara Reade

Reade’s mother died in 2016, but both her brother and friend also confirmed Reade had told her mother, and that her mother, a longtime feminist and activist, urged her to go to the police.

The Character Of Joe Biden

The Character Of Joe Biden

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said Tuesday that she believes women who say they felt uncomfortable after receiving unwanted touching from former Vice President Joe Biden.

Democrats are here to protect us from fascism.

Big Brother Joe

"And, whether you like it or not, young lady, us cruddy politicians can take away that First Amendment of yours if we want to." -Joe Biden

A toast to the Big Guy

Joe Biden and China

President Biden quietly revoked a Trump-era policy that compelled primary, secondary, and postsecondary institutions to disclose their relationships with Chinese Communist Party-funded Confucius Institutes. -Natalie Winters

Now, in a capital still ringed by barbed wire, a confused old man sits at a desk signing “executive orders” designed to overturn any vestiges of his predecessor—whose aim, you may recall, was to “Make America Great Again.”

  The economy boomed, the nation became energy self-sufficient, race relations had at least stabilized, the Middle East was moving toward stasis, and both the Russians and the Chinese were under no illusions about our international intentions.

  And then came the election and huge blunder of Jan. 6, and it all vanished. Well, as they say, elections have consequences.

-Michael Walsh
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Obama also specifically questioned Biden’s fitness for office.

  “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f–k things up,” Obama is alleged to have told one source for the article.

-Matt Margolis

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