Brace yourself, everyone. Dr. Anthony Fauci lied to Congress about “gain of function” research.

  I know, I know, you’re shocked, SHOCKED, that the Good Doctor of the Noble Lie intentionally deceived Congress about exactly what the National Institutes of Health was funding in Wuhan.

  Who says Fauci was lying? Well, it wasn’t Senator Rand Paul this time. It is the NIH itself that knew Fauci was lying, and admits it in their own documents.

-Deanna Fisher Go To Site

"Why aren't tens of millions of eligible Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19?" The Economist and YouGov asked in a recent poll. "Most who haven't started the vaccination process say it's a matter of trust."

  "Americans who are sure they will not get the vaccine are especially likely to say their lack of trust in the government is their major reason for rejecting the vaccine," the polling firm adds, with 22 percent of respondents giving that as their reason for refusing vaccination, second to concerns about side effects.

-J.D. Tuccille Go To Site

At a deeper level, the Ebola outbreak is a crisis not for Obama and his administration, but for elite institutions. Because once more they have been exposed as either corrupt, incompetent, or both. -Jonathan V. Last Go To Site

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President Biden appears to have broken his promise to stay in Afghanistan until every American is evacuated.

  Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. announced Monday evening that the last of the U.S. troops stationed at the Kabul airport had left, completing the military’s drawdown in the country, even though hundreds of Americans likely remain.

  McKenzie, commander of U.S. Central Command, said some American citizens who wanted to leave Afghanistan remained in the country.

  "We did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out," he said...

  "That's what we're doing now, that's the path we're on. And I think we'll get there," he said. "If there's American citizens left, we're gonna stay to get them all out."

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Residents living near homeless encampments, vandalized and abandoned warehouses, and lines of motorhomes and stripped-down cars say the police department isn’t doing enough, so they have formed vigilante patrols to clean up their East Oakland neighborhood.

  Those living closest to the defunct plant owned by Owens-Illinois along Alameda Avenue say an uptick in crime has led them to keep watch over their streets and spend their own money to add lighting and security cameras to protect their properties.

  "We’re can’t depend on the city to do it," neighbor Denise Gray said. "It’s just getting too far out of hand."

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Federal officials are investigating as many as 11 deaths at a VA hospital in West Virginia for “potential wrongdoing,” they announced this week in an inquiry that has rocked the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  Two of the deaths at the Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center in Clarksburg, W.Va., have been ruled homicides, according to media reports. Both are now the subject of lawsuits.

  Investigators contacted the family of George Nelson Shaw Sr., an 81-year-old who died at the hospital in April 2018, to exhume his body last winter, according to USA Today. Their investigation found that he had died not of natural causes, but from an insulin injection that he didn’t need.

  Felix Kirk McDermott, an 82-year-old Army veteran, died at the hospital a day before Shaw. His body was exhumed. Lawyers his family has hired said that he, too, died after receiving an insulin shot in his abdomen.

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Despite the fact that tobacco is the nation's leading cause of preventable disease, the federal government has failed to prevent the problem, a new report says... "This year's report finds a disturbing failure of the federal government and states to take action to prevent and reduce tobacco use in 2018, placing the health and lives of Americans at risk, including our youth."...

  "The reality is that for decades the tobacco industry lied about their addictive and deadly products, hooking kids and adults alike for life," Wimmer said in November on the 20th anniversary of the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement...

  The settlement marked the largest civil court settlement in U.S. history. In fiscal 2019, states have received $27.3 billion in funds from the agreement, yet none of the money has gone to tobacco prevention programs in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

Turns out the Secret Service — which has one job to do — let a knife-wielding intruder all the way into the East Room of the White House. Can't anyone in government do anything right these days? -IBD Editorial Go To Site

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For over a year, Florida allowed citizens to obtain concealed weapon permits without a background check because an employee couldn’t log in to a national database that tracked people deemed unfit to own weapons in other states, a previously unreported government investigation has revealed.

  The 2017 document, which was first reported on Friday by the Tampa Bay Times, revealed that starting in February 2016, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services stopped using an FBI crime database because an employee in charge of background checks could not log in to the system.


Blue State Covid-19 Incompetence

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top aide privately apologized to Democratic lawmakers for withholding the state’s nursing home death toll from COVID-19.

Government, Incompetence, Oops, Immigration

A top official with the Department of Health and Human Services told members of Congress on Thursday that the agency had lost track of nearly 1,500 migrant children it placed with sponsors in the United States, raising concerns they could end up in the hands of human traffickers or be used as laborers by people posing as relatives...

  But officials at the agency were unable to determine with certainty the whereabouts of 1,475 children, Mr. Wagner said.

  The new details come as Congress is examining safeguards put in place by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Homeland Security to make sure children who show up alone at the border are turned over to relatives, and not human traffickers.

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Convicted on a federal hostage-taking charge, Luis Gerardo Betancourt faces life in prison. Betancourt, though, may never spend a day behind bars — thanks to a bureaucratic blunder by the federal government, which “inadvertently” released him before trial...

  The case against Betancourt started in November 2015, when a Mexican woman living in Florida paid smugglers to sneak her best friend and 8-year-old daughter across the border. After arriving in Reynosa, smugglers took the girl and her mother’s friend hostage.

  They demanded $24,000 and asked the mother "if she wanted to hear her daughter scream,” according to the criminal complaint against Betancourt. At trial, the mother testified about how they threatened to cut off her daughter’s fingers and ears.

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The Department of Veterans Affairs failed to report 90% of potentially dangerous medical providers in recent years to a national database designed to prevent them from crossing state lines and endangering patients elsewhere, according to the Government Accountability Office.

  The watchdog’s conclusions in the report to be released Monday confirm findings of a recent USA TODAY investigation that found the VA has for years concealed medical mistakes and misconduct by health care workers.

The dead rats falling from the kitchen ceiling of one of the nation's busiest veterans hospitals show the facility's pest control efforts are working... Go To Site

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In recent undercover tests of multiple airport security checkpoints by the Department of Homeland Security, inspectors said screeners, their equipment or their procedures failed more than half the time, according to a source familiar with the classified report.

 When ABC News asked the source if the failure rate was 80 percent, the response was, "You are in the ballpark."

  In a public hearing after a private classified briefing to the House Committee on Homeland Security, members of Congress called the failures by the Transportation Security Administration disturbing.

Government, Incompetence, Oops

The government scientists didn’t know they were breathing in radioactive uranium at the time it was happening. In fact, most didn’t learn about their exposure for months, long after they returned home from the nuclear weapons research center where they had inhaled it.

  The entire event was characterized by sloppiness, according to a quiet federal investigation, with multiple warnings issued and ignored in advance, and new episodes of contamination allowed to occur afterward.

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The IRS has discovered more than 1 million Americans whose Social Security numbers were stolen by illegal immigrants, but officials never bothered to tell the taxpayers themselves, the agency’s inspector general said in a withering new report released Tuesday.

  Investigators first alerted the IRS to the problem five years ago, but it’s still not fixed, the inspector general said, and a pilot program meant to test a solution was canceled — and fell woefully short anyway. As a result, most taxpayers don’t learn that their identities have been stolen and their Social Security files may be screwed up.

  “Taxpayers identified as victims of employment-related identity theft are not notified,” the inspector general said.

Government, Incompetence, Financial, Oops

A surprising number of IRS employees are sending unencrypted emails containing personal taxpayer information to private accounts, putting that information at risk of being stolen, the agency’s inspector general said Thursday.

  Auditors found hundreds of unencrypted emails sent that risked leaking taxpayers’ personal information, after running through a random sample of 80 employees’ emails from the IRS’s small business/self employed division for four weeks in 2015. Extrapolated over a year, that could mean more than 1.1 million emails, covering more than 28 million taxpayers’ information, could have been sent by the division.

Fortunately for the country, NIRA was struck down by the Supreme Court in 1935. The Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 similarly restricted production to keep prices high. "Excess" output was destroyed or dumped abroad. While millions of Americans were going hungry, the government plowed under 10,000,000 acres of crops, slaughtered 6,000,000 pigs, and left fruit to rot. -Chris Edwards Go To Site

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In a pointed rebuke to the Environmental Protection Agency, an internal watchdog concluded on Thursday that the agency should have acted more swiftly to warn residents of Flint, Mich., that their water was contaminated with lead... In an 11-page report, Mr. Elkins said that E.P.A. officials had enough information and authority to issue an emergency order under the Safe Drinking Water Act as early as June 2015... The E.P.A. did not issue an emergency order until Jan. 21, 2016, seven months later.

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The House passed legislation Monday aimed at stopping the federal government from mailing letters to people that include their Social Security numbers — including in envelops that have these vital numbers printed on the outside where anyone can see them... "It was on the outside of the envelope," Chaffetz said on the House floor as he laughed. "Mr. Speaker, this it totally and completely unacceptable."

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An NJ Advance Media analysis found that of the $1.37 billion the state has collected in 911 fees since 2004, only 15 percent, about $211 million, has been used to help pay for the 911 system. Investment in the upgrade, known as NextGen 911, has trickled to a halt.

  From 2005 to 2008, records show the state spent about $42 million on it. Since then, it has spent $71,652. In 2014, the most recent year available, it put just $9,141 of the $121 million it collected toward the upgrade. "There are lives that have been lost because of this," said Dominic Villecco, vice president for the New Jersey Wireless Association. "These funds are there to help save people's lives."

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It turns out that Calpers, which managed the little pension plan, keeps two sets of books: the officially stated numbers, and another set that reflects the “market value” of the pensions that people have earned. The second number is not publicly disclosed. And it typically paints a much more troubling picture, according to people who follow the money...

  But more important, it raises serious concerns that governments nationwide do not know the true condition of the pension funds they are responsible for. That exposes millions of people, including retired public workers, local taxpayers and municipal bond buyers — who are often retirees themselves — to risks they have no way of knowing about.

"Upon further investigation, we found that the Social Security Administration was also printing full Social Security numbers visible on the outside of postcards." -Rep. David Valadao Go To Site

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A new congressional probe into a massive Office of Personnel Management hack reveals the first traces of adversary activity on OPM's network date back to 2012, too far back in time to know what else beyond 21.5 million background check records might have been compromised.

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In a letter from the EPA dated July 11, 2016, she was informed that some parts of her yard had lead levels up to 66 times above the lead limit and 55 times above the arsenic limit set by the Environmental Protection Agency. But what shocked her even more was that the letter said her "property was tested for lead and arsenic at the end of 2014." Which means the test was somewhere in a lab, on a shelf, on a desk or getting processed for more than a year and a half before she learned of the danger she and her children were in.

Government, Incompetence, Terrorism, Murder

The FBI did not alert numerous Americans that they were placed on secret Islamic State kill lists or notify their local police about the potential dangers, a lapse in the government’s efforts to combat the terrorist group’s evolving strategy to target everyday citizens. To date, the terror group that goes by the acronym ISIS has published on encrypted web sites several hit lists naming more than 15,000 people it would like to see killed by sleeper cells or lone wolves in New York, Texas, Florida and California.


Portland Schools: Lead In The Water

Smith, reached by phone early Tuesday, says she knew nothing about any lead test results from 2010 to 2012, even though she was superintendent at the time. "Was I aware of it? No," Smith says.

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The CIA left “explosive training material” under the hood of a Loudoun County school bus after a training exercise last week, a bus that was used to ferry elementary and high school students to and from school on Monday and Tuesday with the material still sitting in the engine compartment, according to the CIA and Loudoun County officials.

For years in the 1990s, the single most dangerous crime syndicate in Southern California was the LAPD, where members of the Rampart Division created a blue crime wave involving everything from falsifying evidence to bank robbery to selling huge quantities of cocaine stolen from evidence rooms to murder.

-Kevin D. Williamson Go To Site

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A previously unreleased U.S. Environmental Protection Agency email shows the agency’s Midwest whistle-blower pleaded with superiors to protect Flint residents from lead contamination and railed against their failure to do so. In the June 2015 communication, Region 5’s Regulations Manager Miguel Del Toral — called a “hero” by the agency’s top official — described the EPA as “a cesspool” for officials’ reluctance to act on what he perceived as an obvious public health threat.

Democrat, Environmentalist, Liberal, Government, Incompetence, Obama, Oops

Drinking water from the river the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) polluted with 880,000 pounds of lead nearly seven months ago still isn’t consistently safe for humans, according to the New Mexico secretary of the environment... “I think we’ll see a yellow river again,” state Rep. Don Coram previously told The Daily Caller News Foundation. Yet, the EPA says the river safe is now safe...

  “From the start, the EPA bungled its response to the spill,” Flynn wrote, noting New Mexico was alerted by the affected Southern Ute Tribe the day after the spill, rather than the EPA. “No one from the EPA’s regional office in Dallas showed up in New Mexico for nearly a week, by which time the plume had passed,” he continued.

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An internal Environmental Protection Agency memo showed officials didn't think "Flint is the community we want to go out on a limb for" while residents of the Michigan town drank lead-contaminated water... In April 2014, a state emergency manager appointed by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed off on a symbolic vote from the Flint City Council to change the city's water source... The state and the federal government have declared a state of emergency, and Flint residents are not able to drink the water coming out of their taps.

Environmentalist, Government, Incompetence, Oops

Four months after being notified about high lead levels in a Flint home, the Environmental Protection Agency was prepared to let the city continue giving lead-contaminated water to customers until at least 2016, emails released Friday show. Jennifer Crooks, the Michigan program manager for the EPA's Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, sent out an agenda on June 8, 2015, for a planned call with Michigan Department of Environmental Quality officials.

  In that email, Crooks said it was known that Flint had not been adding any corrosion-control chemicals to its water to prevent lead from leaching from the pipes into drinking water since April 2014. She said the city was in its second six-month testing period. It didn't make sense for the city to start a corrosion control program in June 2015, Crooks wrote.

The history of government nutritional advice from the 1960s to the present is an appalling one: The advice of “experts” was frequently wrong, and sometimes bought-and-paid-for by special interests, but always delivered with an air of unchallengeable certainty.

-Glenn Reynolds Go To Site

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The president of the Navajo Nation slammed President Obama and Democrats for deserting the tribe's 300,000 people after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) accidentally polluted a river the tribe depends on, leaving one-third of the reserve's drinking water unsafe. In an exclusive interview with The Hill, Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye again called on Obama and administration officials to declare the San Juan River a disaster zone.

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Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says he has directed the Transportation Security Administration to revise airport security procedures, retrain officers and retest screening equipment in airports across the country... ABC News first reported Monday that undercover agents were able to smuggle prohibited items, such as mock explosives or weapons, through TSA checkpoints in 67 out of 70 attempts.

Government, Science, Oops, Healthcare

For years, the federal government has advised Americans that they are eating too much salt, and that this excess contributes yearly to the deaths of tens of thousands of people. But unknown to many shoppers urged to buy foods that are “low sodium” and “low salt,” this longstanding warning has come under assault by scientists who say that typical American salt consumption is without risk. Moreover, according to studies published in recent years by pillars of the medical community, the low levels of salt recommended by the government might actually be dangerous.

Government, Character, Smears, Lie

The graphic contents of an anonymous letter in which the Federal Bureau of Investigation called Martin Luther King a “filthy abnormal animal” have been made public for the first time. Written in 1964 by a deputy of the feared FBI chief J Edgar Hoover posing as a disillusioned civil rights activist, the typewritten note appears to have been a heavy-handed attempt to blackmail King into taking his own life.

Dozens of Syrian refugees already living in the Unites States may have ties to terrorism and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is downplaying it, claiming federal agents missed “possible derogatory information” about the immigrants due to “a lapse in vetting.”

  Among those who slipped through the cracks is a man who failed a polygraph test after applying to work at a U.S. military installation and another who communicated with an Islamic State leader. Go To Site

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A Minnesota public high school was so committed to obeying its fire drill policy to the exact letter of the law that it forced a female student–dressed only in a swimsuit, and sopping wet–to stand outside in the freezing cold for ten minutes. As a result, she suffered frostbite. Administrators wouldn’t let the student retrieve her clothes, sit in a car or wait inside another building, according to WCCO.

Government, Incompetence, Oops, Immigration

At least 19 immigrant children were inadvertently handed over to human traffickers by the U.S. government last year after it failed to conduct proper background checks, a Senate report released Thursday said. An additional 15 cases showed signs of trafficking, the report said, noting that it was unclear how many of the 90,000 children the department had placed in the past two years, amid an influx from Central America, could have fallen victim.

Government, Incompetence, Financial, Oops, Debt

A Colorado program designed to help low-income elderly and disabled residents pay their property taxes and heating bills has been underpaying qualified applicants while paying others who aren’t eligible for the program, according to a new state audit. The program has also flat-out denied benefits to applicants who should have been approved.

Democrat, Hypocrisy, Government, Incompetence, Character, Oops, Greed

In the rapidly gentrifying nation's capital, real estate investors aren't the only ones flipping houses for profit. The city's public housing authority is getting in on the action — moving aging tenants out of homes where they've lived for decades, renovating them and selling them to wealthy buyers.

  The renovations, at a cost of more than $300,000 per home, are outfitting the houses with luxury amenities, and some of the houses have sold for nearly $900,000. Others, however, have sat vacant for a year or longer after tenants were forced out.

Colorado House Majority Leader Dickey Lee Hullinghorst said in an interview on YouTube last week that firearms ownership is redundant because the state Legislature keeps citizens safe from harm. Go To Site

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Police in Kenya say an American diplomat crossed the center line in his SUV while speeding and rammed a mini-bus full of passengers, killing a father of three whose wife is six-months pregnant. The U.S. Embassy rushed the American out of the country, leaving the crash victims with no financial recourse. Latifah Naiman Mariki, now a 38-year-old widow, said Friday that she was almost evicted from her house this week after her landlord demanded rent. Mariki’s deceased husband, Haji Lukindo, was the family’s only source of income…

Crime, Government, Incompetence, Immigration, Assault, Murder

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has released nearly 90,000 illegal immigrants since 2013 who had committed more than 200,000 crimes, according to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform... Chaffetz said 86,288 illegal aliens who have been convicted of a crime have been released by the federal government since 2013. Those illegal immigrants had committed a total of 231,074 crimes. “That’s a lot of criminal activity that can be totally and wholly avoided,” Chaffetz said.

  Convicted sex offenders, kidnappers, and murderers were released last year, and a total of 953,507 aliens who have received deportation orders remain in the United States.

Democrat, Liberal, Government, Incompetence, Obama, Immigration

The Homeland Security Department has lost track of more than 1 million people who it knows arrived in the U.S. but who it cannot prove left the country, according to an audit Tuesday that also found the department probably won’t meet its own goals for deploying an entry-exit system.

Crime, Government, Incompetence, Oops, Immigration, Murder

U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) chose not to honor a request for an immigration detainer after Omaha police arrested illegal alien Eswin Mejia after he struck and killed 21-year-old Sarah Root while driving drunk and street-racing the night of January 31. Mejia vanished shortly after posting bond.

“Does Detroit have a problem?” asked William Shine, 76, a retired police sergeant. “Absolutely. Did I create it? I don’t think so. They made me some promises, and I made them some promises. I kept my promises. They’re not going to keep theirs.” Go To Site

Democrat, Liberal, Crime, Violence, Obama, Immigration, Assault, Convict, Murder

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in 2015 decided not to deport but release 19,723 criminal illegal immigrants, including 208 convicted of murder, over 900 convicted of sex crimes and 12,307 of drunk driving, according to new government numbers.

  Overall, those released into virtually every state and territory of America had a total of 64,197 convictions among them, for an average of 3.25 convictions each, according to an analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies. ICE also said that the group were convicted of 8,234 violent crimes.

Democrat, Liberal, Crime, Obama, Oops, Immigration

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has revealed that 124 illegal immigrant criminals released from jail by the Obama administration since 2010 have been subsequently charged with murder... What's more, her report said that in 2014, ICE released 30,558 criminal aliens who had been convicted of 92,347 crimes. Only 3 percent have been deported.

  "ICE reported that there are 156 criminal aliens who were released at least twice by ICE since 2013. Between them, these criminals had 1,776 convictions before their first release in 2013, with burglary, larceny, and drug possession listed most frequently."

Crime, Government, Incompetence, Immigration

Most of the illegal immigrant criminals Homeland Security officials released from custody last year were discretionary, meaning the department could have kept them in detention but chose instead to let them onto the streets as their deportation cases moved through the system, according to new numbers from Congress. Some of those released were the worst of the worst — more than 3,700 “Threat Level 1” criminals, who are deemed the top priority for deportation, were still released out into the community even as they waited for their immigration cases to be heard.

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During the five days, mobs around Los Angeles looted stores, burnt 3,767 buildings, caused more than $1 billion in property damage, and led to the deaths of more than 50 people and left another 4,000 injured... On the second day of the riots, the police had abandoned much of Koreatown. Jay Rhee, a storeowner in the area, stated to The Los Angeles Times, “we have lost faith in the police.” With the cops nowhere to be found, hundreds of people marauded through the streets towards Koreatown. The neighborhood suffered 45 percent of all the property damage and five fatalities of storeowners during the riots. Having had enough of waiting for police, Korean storeowners assembled into militias to protect themselves, their families, and businesses. ... It would be 24 more hours until the National Guard arrived and another two days before the riots were completely put down.

“I get another call on you tonight I’m gonna come in your house, I’m gonna kick your f—— door in. You think I’m bulls——-?” Dubinski asked. “No. I’m just saying you’re gonna kick the door down,” Merchant said. “I’m gonna kick the f—— door in and I’m gonna come in there and drag your f—— a– out of your house, beating the p— out of you,” Dubinski said. “I said yes, sir,” Merchant replies. “And then I’m gonna feed you to the f—— gators,” Dubinski told him. “I want to feed you to the alligators,” Dubinski said. “You’re kinda scaring me,” Merchant said. “I hope I am,” Dubinski says. “If I see you again tonight, I swear to God — God be my witness you’re a dead man.” “Yes, sir,” Merchant said. -Deputy Alan Dubinski speaking to Jessie Merchant Go To Site

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Federal food inspectors at many of the nation's swine slaughterhouses fail to do their job and let repeat offenders continue to produce potentially contaminated meat without punishment, raising a "higher risk of providing pork for human consumption that should not enter the food supply," according to a new Agriculture Department audit.... "Every year according to the CDC, there are tens of millions of cases of food poisoning, hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations, and thousands of deaths. The agency charged with reducing these numbers is doing, according to its Office of the Inspector General, a pathetically bad job."-Bruce Friedrich

Government, Incompetence, Financial, Oops

Since its financial crisis began, Spain has been having trouble finding buyers for its increasingly risky government bonds. It thought it had found the perfect solution to this problem: tapping its own Social Security Reserve Fund as a buyer of last resort. But there’s one small catch. As the Wall Street Journal reports, with 90 percent of the fund already invested in Spanish government debt, the buyer of last resort is almost completely tapped out. As more and more Spaniards retire, the government will have a major crisis on its hands as it attempts to pay pensioners through a fund composed mostly of its own debt.

Government, Incompetence, Oops

A FEMA worker who spoke to described a chaotic scene at New Jersey's Fort Dix, where emergency workers arrived as the storm bore down on the Atlantic Coast. The worker said officials at the staging area were unprepared and told the incoming responders there was nothing for them to do for nearly four days. “They told us to hurry, hurry, hurry," the worker, who works at the agency's headquarters in Washington and volunteered to deploy for the storm recovery effort. "We rushed to Fort Dix, only to find out that our liaison didn’t even know we were coming.”... “They told us to go to the Walmart nearby or to check out the area but told us to stay out of the areas affected by the storm,” the worker said.

FBI: If you see 'em, shoot 'em...

 One FBI SWAT team member at Ruby Ridge recalled the Rules of Engagement: “If you see 'em, shoot 'em.”

 The report condemned that rule as practically a license to kill that flagrantly violated the U.S. Constitution.

 The task force was especially appalled that the Weavers were gunned down before receiving any warning or demand to surrender, noting that the FBI’s tactics “subjected the government to charges that it was setting Weaver up for attack."

Government, Incompetence, Financial

The federal government’s backstop for troubled pension funds is facing a record-setting deficit, increasing the likelihood of a taxpayer-funded bailout. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), which terminates and takes over retirement systems for struggling companies, ran up a $34 billion deficit as of Sept. 30, 2012. That figure is triple the $11 billion deficit the agency had at the end of the Bush administration and its $26 billion deficit 2011.

The idea was to scare people into giving up illicit drinking. Instead, by the time Prohibition ended in 1933, the federal poisoning program, by some estimates, had killed at least 10,000 people... I learned of the federal poisoning program while researching my new book, The Poisoner's Handbook, which is set in jazz-age New York. My first reaction was that I must have gotten it wrong. "I never heard that the government poisoned people during Prohibition, did you?" I kept saying to friends, family members, colleagues. -Deborah Blum Go To Site

Crime, Government, Incompetence, Character, Degeneracy, Waste

A $111,000-a-year San Francisco water manager will likely be suspended after he was seen urinating in a reservoir that supplies drinking water to nearly 2.5 million Bay Area residents. The San Francisco Chronicle reports Public Utilities Commission employee Martin Sanchez could receive a five day suspension without pay after the Jan. 6 incident took place at the Priest Reservoir in the Sierra foothills.


Government Scientists and Deadly Pathogens

The scientific establishment in the US has been rocked in recent weeks by revelations that live smallpox was unknowingly put into cold storage at the NIH, that live anthrax was mishandled at the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and that a dangerous strain of bird flu was accidentally shipped.

Democrat, Liberal, Government, Incompetence, Obama, Scandal, Brilliance, Oops, Immigration

During the recent surge of tens of thousands of young illegal immigrants crossing the Mexico-U.S. border, the Centers for Disease Control warned staff that many will be infected with tuberculosis — but the public wasn't given a head's up. In fact, the young adults, few of whom had received the types of vaccines U.S. children received, arrived with TB, swine flu and even Dengue, according to reports that eventually filtered out of border agents and hospitals on or near the U.S. border. The internal warning was: "We might as well plan on many of the kids having TB."

Democrat, Liberal, Government, Obama, Immigration

Seven refugees with active tuberculosis (TB) were diagnosed shortly after their resettlement in Idaho between 2011 and 2015, according to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. This makes Idaho the seventh state to confirm to Breitbart News that recently arrived refugees have been diagnosed with active TB.

Government, Incompetence, Science, Oops

The Pentagon revealed Wednesday that "live anthrax" was shipped, apparently by accident, across the country from a lab in Utah. Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren assured "there are no risks to the public" and said an investigation is under way. But a defense official also told Fox News it is unknown at this time whether anyone was exposed to the live samples. The material in question was prepared at Dugway Proving Ground, Utah, as part of what was described as a "routine" research process. It was then sent out to Defense Department and commercial labs in nine states...

Slevin was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in New Mexico in 2005. But he was never convicted, never tried, never even saw a judge. Yet he spent almost two nightmarish years in solitary confinement with treatment that devastated his physical and emotional health. Once you read this, you'll never look at our justice system quite the same way again. After Steven's arrest on suspicion of DUI and driving a stolen car, he was placed in solitary confinement because because officers felt he might be "suicidal." There, he was essentially forgotten about by the legal system. He was given no health care. His toenails grew so long they curled around his feet. He developed bed sores. A fungus grew on his skin after being denied showers. He lost a ton of weight. His hair grew long and shaggy -- he looks like he just got off a desert island. He descended into madness. And his dental problems grew so severe that he was forced to pull out one of his rotting teeth by himself. Go To Site

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Scientists last week discovered several vials of smallpox — one of the deadliest diseases known to man — in an unused storage room at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md., according to officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention... Smallpox killed about one-third of its victims and is estimated to have killed up to 500 million people in the 20th century.


The VA: Single Payer Nightmare

Veterans with serious heart conditions, gangrene, and even brain tumors waited months for care at the Albuquerque VA hospital, a whistleblowing doctor tells The Daily Beast.

In the summer of 1959, as in the summer of 1957, I worked as a clerk-typist in the headquarters of the U.S. Public Health Service in Washington. The people I worked for were very nice and I grew to like them.

One day, a man had a heart attack at around 5 PM, on the sidewalk outside the Public Health Service. He was taken inside to the nurse's room, where he was asked if he was a government employee. If he were, he would have been eligible to be taken to a medical facility there.

Unfortunately, he was not, so a phone call was made to a local hospital to send an ambulance. By the time this ambulance made its way through miles of Washington rush-hour traffic, the man was dead.

He died waiting for a doctor, in a building full of doctors. Nothing so dramatized for me the nature of a bureaucracy and its emphasis on procedures, rather than results.

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A vermin infestation has overrun the kitchen of a suburban Chicago Veteran Affairs hospital and is reportedly so severe that cockroaches routinely crawl across countertops as cooks prepare meals. The insects have even found their way into patients’ food, employees say... “The workers try to brush the cockroaches off the counters, but the bugs get in the food,” said Germaine Clarno...

  Clarno said she witnessed the problem firsthand three years ago when she saw roaches crawling on a dinner plate brought to a patient’s room. She recalled sending the food back before the veteran had a chance to see it and paying for a pizza delivery from an outside restaurant. “It’s been like this for years, ever since anyone can remember,” Clarno said.

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The Department of Veterans Affairs has apologized for what it called an "inadvertent" mistake that underreported the number of deaths linked to delays in cancer treatment at VA medical facilities.

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Ignored claims, manipulated records, cost overruns and even one facility infested with insects and rodents are among the latest issues uncovered by a blistering VA Inspector General’s report. The auditor's probe found that more than 31,000 inquiries placed by veterans to the Philadelphia Regional VA office call center went ignored for more than 312 days, even though they were supposed to be answered in five.

After reports in April 2014 that some vets may have died waiting for appointments with the Phoenix VA facility, the IG found that wait times for thousands had been electronically manipulated while some 1,700 vets were put on a secret list to cover up their long waits. It was later revealed that 18 of those on the secret ledger died before getting their appointments.

"Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian." -Attributed to Henry Ford, unconfirmed Go To Site

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Veterans at the Shreveport, La., Veterans Affairs hospital have been going without toothbrushes, toothpaste, pajamas, sheets and blankets while department officials spend money on new Canadian-made furniture, televisions to run public service announcements and solar panels, a Watchdog investigation has revealed. Sources inside the hospital told that patients also have had to contend with substandard care, as many nurses spend less time on work than on cell phones, iPods or accessing personal data on hospital computers.

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In an exchange about hiring practices during a July 2014 deposition in an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint against a dentist, a dentistry chief admitted that hiring preference is not given to veterans for well-paying jobs or management and senior roles. Apparently, veterans are intentionally bypassed for such roles because they are perceived as too empathetic to those they serve.

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The U.S. government lobotomized roughly 2,000 mentally ill veterans—and likely hundreds more—during and after World War II, according to a cache of forgotten memos, letters and government reports unearthed by The Wall Street Journal.

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The Environmental Protection Agency has been testing the impact of pollutants on human subjects without always telling them about the risks of heavy exposure -- risks that include cancer, and even death. The findings were included in a newly released EPA inspector general report, which urged the agency to overhaul its guidelines to make sure test subjects understand all the risks before signing up.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been sued in federal court for allegedly conducting illegal experiments on human beings. The case tests whether a government agency can violate the law and the most sacrosanct ethics of scientific research — and get away scot-free. Based on thousands of pages of documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, since 2004 and continuing through the Obama administration, the EPA intentionally has been exposing dozens, if not hundreds, of human subjects to extraordinarily high levels of air pollutants such as diesel exhaust and fine particulate matter, known as PM2.5. -Steve Milloy Go To Site

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Controversy surfaced in March 2013 when the government’s own ethics body, the Office of Human Research Protections, dropped a bombshell. The ethics office found the federal study’s consent forms violated government rules designed to protect human research subjects. According to OHRP, the consent forms “failed to describe the reasonably foreseeable risks of blindness, neurological damage and death” to babies in the study.

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A suit filed in federal court charges the Environmental Protection Agency with conducting illegal and potentially lethal experiments on hundreds of financially needy people who were paid $12/hour without even informing them of risks. Based upon thousands of documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, procedures undertaken since 2004 and continuing through the Obama administration exposed subjects at the University of North Carolina’s School of Medicine to very high levels of toxic air pollutants... One of the pollutants was a fine particulate substance known as PM2.5, a major component of diesel exhaust which EPA had determined to be unsafe for inhalation at any level... As EPA Administrator Jackson testified in Congress in September 2011, “…particulate [PM2.5] matter causes premature death. It doesn’t make you sick. It’s directly causal to dying sooner than you should.”

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July 25, 2002 --Thirty years ago today, the Washington Evening Star newspaper ran this headline on its front page: "Syphilis Patients Died Untreated." With those words, one of America's most notorious medical studies, the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, became public. "For 40 years, the U.S. Public Health Service has conducted a study in which human guinea pigs, not given proper treatment, have died of syphilis and its side effects," Associated Press reporter Jean Heller wrote on July 25, 1972. "The study was conducted to determine from autopsies what the disease does to the human body."

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The EPA intentionally has been exposing dozens, if not hundreds, of human subjects to extraordinarily high levels of air pollutants such as diesel exhaust and fine particulate matter, known as PM2.5. The experiments occurred at an EPA facility located on the campus of the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Many of the study subjects were health-impaired — suffering from asthma, metabolic syndrome, old age (up to 75 years) or, worse, combinations of those factors. They were all financially needy, since they enrolled in the experiments for compensation of $12 per hour.

In addition to testing the lethal and cancer-causing PM2.5 and diesel exhaust on frail and needy people, the EPA failed to inform the study subjects that it had determined that those substances were so deadly and toxic. Go To Site

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The National Institutes of Health is now admitting to funding gain-of-function research on bats infected with coronaviruses at a lab in Wuhan, China despite repeated denials from Dr. Anthony Fauci that U.S. tax dollars were used on the funding...

  Gain-of-function research involves extracting viruses from animals to artificially engineer in a laboratory to make them more transmissible and deadly to humans.

  Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has repeatedly denied any NIH money went to such research in Wuhan, but his organization has given millions of dollars in grant money to the EcoHealth Alliance which funneled at least $600,000 to Wuhan coronavirus research.

Americans: We May Leave You Behind

Aug 2021

Good luck, countrymen.

Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki can’t offer any guarantee that all Americans will be evacuated from Afghanistan.

Government Pandemic Response

Government Pandemic Response

Having effectively discarded their own credibility since the beginning of the pandemic, the powers-that-be find that much of the population no longer places faith in what they have to say.

Fortunately for the country, NIRA was struck down by the Supreme Court in 1935. The Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 similarly restricted production to keep prices high. "Excess" output was destroyed or dumped abroad. While millions of Americans were going hungry, the government plowed under 10,000,000 acres of crops, slaughtered 6,000,000 pigs, and left fruit to rot. -Chris Edwards Go To Site

Of course, in any moral country, the government would defend girls against the actions of those seeking to take advantage of them. That simple moral compass has been turned on its head in America, where the Obama administration has unwittingly invited Peeping Toms and perverts to enter any girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms under the guise of fairness to the transgender community. -Diana Furchtgott-Roth Go To Site